a puzzle game with 1 bitcoin reward for the winner was released on steam

4년 전
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The Bitcoin Enigma

Today a game was released on steam, where you can win one bitcoin if you are the first who can solve all 24 enigmas.

There are 24 difficult puzzles to solve in the game. If you solve all enigmas, you get a 24 words-long password (one word per enigma). With this password it is possible to decrypt an encrypted wallet, which is part of the game data. After unlocking the wallet, you can send the Bitcoin to your own address.


Link to the game hompage:

Link to game FAQ:

Link to the game in the steam store:

Here you can check if someone has solved all riddles and took the bitcoin:

The following tool can help when you mostly compleated the game:

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Nice. Pleass reading my post .

Love this article. I should learn it

I'm trying it right away

Love it! Thanks for the heads up, looks like I won't be sleeping tonight


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When is deadline??

  ·  4년 전

I think, there is no fixed deadline, but the first one who got the complete password can cash out the bitcoin. After that you can continue playing, but then without a reward.

Wow, brain widening game.

Thanks Follow ^^

have you done it yet?

I really like this post ctf! keep it up!

Ah, almost forgot about it. Thanks for reminding!

This kind of riddles is intriguing. Can't help but think of Cicada 3301 right now.


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very great .. a challenging game

Very nice👍

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