Are your eyes sharp enough to find the hidden rocks?!? Rock Puzzle #3 (EASY TO HARD)

4년 전

Here's a puzzle just for fun!

The challenge is to find the special rocks hidden in the picture. Here's the picture.


Here's whom to find.

Find all the above rocks in this picture! Do you see them all?

See this picture BIGGER

How long did it take you to find them??

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i didn't understand the game


The three rocks above (Dan, Ann, and Snowball) are hiding in the picture. Find them.

Like this:


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This is cool. I found them. Do you collect rocks?


I do. I have my whole life. I like all the color and that they come in infinite shapes! I have rocks that are purple, and some that are green.


I like fossils. It's fun to find out what kind of rock it is and how it is formed.

I found snowball easy Dan and Ann found after about a few second's , I loved this puzzle thanks x


Cool! I'm going to post another one later today. I always liked the eye-spy puzzles as a kid, so I thought I'd try out making some myself.


brilliant , gets the old brain and eyes working x

Thanks for the puzzle