Superior Quotes #75: Fyodor Dostoyevsky



Marriage is the moral death of every proud soul, of all independence.

Fyodor Dostoyevsky


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If up to now, for example, I have been told to 'love my neighbor,' and I did love him, what came of it?

What came of it was that I tore my caftan in two, shared it with my neighbor, and we were both left half naked, in accordance with the Russian proverb which says: If you chase several hares at once, you won't overtake any one of them.

But science says: Love yourself before all, because everything in the world is based on self-interest.

If you love only yourself, you will set your affairs up properly, and your caftan will also remain in one piece.

And economic truth adds that the more properly arranged personal affairs and, so to speak, whole caftans there are in society, the firmer its foundations are and the better arranged its common cause.

It follows that by acquiring for everyone, as it were, and working so that my neighbor will have something more than a torn caftan, not from private, isolated generosities now, but as a result of universal prosperity.

In every idea emanating from genius, or even in every serious human idea -- born in the human brain -- there always remains something -- some sediment -- which cannot be expressed to others, though one wrote volumes and lectured upon it for five-and-thirty years.

There is always a something, a remnant, which will never come out from your brain, but will remain there with you, and you alone, for ever and ever, and you will die, perhaps, without having imparted what may be the very essence of your idea to a single living soul.

The dreamer—if you want an exact definition—is not a human being, but a creature of an intermediate sort.