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That Antifa needs to learn to block.

Save the world!

Hey bud I've been following you on YouTube since before you came to Steem.

I wanted to let you know about another crypto platform that awards creators on YouTube without them really having to do anything.

Basically it calculates how much time is spent browsing a users site or videos and pays out tokens from users based on that. Look below and you'll see you made #4 on my list.

Screenshot from 2018-07-03 16-19-41.png

I made a post which explains better take a look if you have a chance :-)

You are perceptive enough to note the sy nchrony between the Mossad interests in Iranian and Syrian regime change, Q, and private security agencies like Black Cube, Psygroup, SIS, etc.

Chabad Lubavitch certainly well benefits from Rothschild interests, and Trump wears such associations on his sleeve.