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The guy didn't even know Thomas "sows chaos" according to both the fox and defango, and Thomas s was trying to trademark and sell cicada. Also, so he just assumed people were copying his name even though follow the rabbit is a common conspiracy phrase? (Plus, I think qanon said follow the rabbit, and follow the glowing rabbit, not white rabbit) Did he see the letter from Thomas s about qanon? I was curious what he felt about that email? It seems like he really trusts this Thomas fellow... unduly. Probably because he feels he might be let in this "inner circle" eventually.

It seems like he is trying to protect thomas s and cicada?

The problem with the files was it seemed to be guccifer 2 files used to frame the whole trump Russia thing, and take attention away from the Seth rich files. I think Tracy was correct on that, and assange I think even debunked those dnc files. Calling them seth rich files only helps the bad guys, imo. But it makes sense, he said he was angry when he felt it was about him, and I'm pretty sure Tracy was trying to tell him it wasn't i think, and they got in an argument then one of them blocked the other.. I remember her, white rabbit, and defango arguing about it online.

also, he said he thinks its okay to leak the source if its seth rich because he is dead supposedly, but the reason why leakers are protected after death is because of the safety of their family. this guy wants to remain anonymous for his family, but never thought about the leakers family? its not a leak from seth rich, it was made to look like it was, however.

Good interview, a little step towards seeing things more clearly. On a side note, you want to break down the ego? Have children, that'll do it to you pretty quick! Lol

CICADA 3301 - Lestat Exposes Fake Q & Defends Q SOURCE X!!