What is Q Anon?

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Put simply, Q Anon symbolises the fight against corruption prevalent in our Governments, Corporations and Elite families. The 1% who have no moral qualms. Those that wouldn't give a second thought, to step on the less fortunate (us, the 99% of the world). All to make a buck.

Q Anon consists of US Millitary Intelligence Personnel (at the very least), that serves at the pleasure of President Donald Trump.

3 min video explains the Global Cabal Structure well (made by 8chan anons)

Why is Q releasing info to us normies?

  • To slowly wake us up to corruption around the world.

Why doesn't Q tell it to us straight?

  • To maintain plausible deniability when leaking info.
  • To communicate to the DEEP STATE. Both real & dis-info. So that they can't predict Q's next move. As Sun Tze philosophy dictates: Act weak when strong. Confuse your enemy. Victory is won first in the mind.
  • To outplay the DEEP STATE.

Why doesn't the government tell us the truth up-front?

  • The Fake News / Mockingbird Media has swayed the minds of most (i.e. to hate Trump). I'll flesh out Mockingbird Media in a later post & introduce to you the Hegalian Dialectic method for controlling the masses.
  • There came a point where I had to question myself, 'why do I hate Trump so much? I know nothing about him, but the news hates on him'. See the massive list of acomplishments since Trump was elected

But Really Why? Why can't the truth just come out now???!
Q Post 738 (Feb 11, 2018) summarises the reason well:

Understand one simple fact - the US is connected to the rest of the world.
Knowing that, understand, by default, if certain intel is released it would cause a WW/mass suffering.
We share the idea of open source but value life and must make decisions base decisions on outcomes and containability.

Ready your minds anons... because this really is a silent #informationwar. In time, it shall be known as the MemeWars of 2018 :>

So what can we do? I am just a regular potato...

  • We can keep an open mind.
  • We can take in information outside of Fake News / MSM.
  • We can learn & understand that there is strength is numbers. And, always remember that...
  • ...there are good people, fighting the good fight, for the betterment of humankind.

President Reagan tells us why we have to fight sometimes (Referenced by Q Post 1389, 17th May, 2018) Note: If you read Q Post 1389, don't be alarmed, it is targeted at bad actors. Remember, Millitary Intelligence / Spy speak... multiple meanings to words & phrases.

But I'm just regular guy/gal? Then watch this ~10min video for inspiration.

| More to come @q1717 |

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Good Info, Please write more

Forgive me if I err.

I dont think Donald Trump is this, "Q."

But rather a very talented writer. The reason being, the tools that where utilized and formed by the elite and for the elite, namely banking system that resulted from Jekyl Island... and the NEW DEAL. These things are perpetuated by DT (see PM38). Our President has asked for extentions for continuance of declaration of national emergency, and got them. which as you already know, subdues the constitution.

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