The Red Pill Philosophy - 7 Laws Pertaining to The Great Awakening

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Red Pill Philosophy Part 1

For those of us who have spent any length of time down the rabbit hole, walking through the world that has been created around us is nothing short of a waking dream. We see the illusion, we understand the symbolism, we watch as the programmed masses desperately double down when their manufactured belief systems are put into jeopardy. On the surface, this perspective is both frustrating and incredibly heartbreaking. I know I'm not alone in wondering what we get out of being in this position and what can we do about it for others.

What exactly is the Philosophy of the Red Pill? Below is a list of some of the things that I consider relevant to the philosophy and my personal well being. Please comment if anything on this list resonates with you and share what thoughts and ideas might be on your philosophical Red Pill list.

  1. TRUTH. Truth is at the root of taking the Red Pill. Do we choose to live a life of distraction or meaning? The real inconvenient truth is that our conveniences are what enslaves us. Those of us who have taken the Red Pill understand the inconvenience of truth and the struggle in bringing about more awareness. We experience the shunning and belittling directed at us by those who have chosen blindness over knowing. But the pain and inconvenience of having truth on our side is all the armour we need to protect ourselves. It provides us with a strength unknown to the uninitiated and ironically, by being warriors of truth, we not only protect ourselves, but those who try to bring us down.

  2. INSPIRATION. As an artist and writer, everything I've done since getting Red Pilled (only 3-4 years ago) has been tinged with the awareness of knowing. When I feel the anger or frustration of the manufactured reality placed before us, I opt to use it as a weapon of creativity. My art is informed by it as are my ideas for writing. We can be inspired to create based on what angers and saddens us. This can lead to new forms of communication that reaches those who need to hear it the most.

  3. EMPATHY. Awareness has given me a surprising amount of empathy that I didn't used to possess. I have always been somewhat sympathetic, but a Red Pill existence has made me work very hard at trying to figure out what I can do to help wake others up. This is difficult because, as we all know, programming that's established a Blue Pill mentality is not easy to dismantle. The old saying, "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink." has never been more true than in this instance.

  4. PATIENCE. Like the example above, we can't expect people to wake up overnight or suddenly cave and side with a Red Pill philosophy. Taking the Red Pill requires thoughtful reasoning, following up on ideas that have been presented (research), and acceptance of vulnerability. When a newbie contemplates the truth offered by the Red Pill his life will flash before his very eyes as if he is on his deathbed, viewing everything he held dear and believed to be true. Suddenly the foundation crumbles, the illusion is shattered and there is the daunting and terrifying prospect of having to start all over. We can assess this situation very, very quickly and while in self-preservation mode, dismiss it and go back to the safe space of the matrix that surrounds us. There is no breaking the Red Pill in half or pounding it into a powder to mix with sugar. It must be taken whole and this is one horse pill that we know people will resist, which is why we have patience.

  5. PERSPECTIVE. Awareness gives us perspective. It allows us to know the difference between what we want and what we don't want which creates focus and strengthens our will to achieve our goals and desires. Perspective allows us to better appreciate the polarity of Red Pill vs. Blue Pill because one cannot exist without the other and this is how we know what we want, whether it be truth or illusion.

  6. MEMES. Memes allow us to communicate ideas to a stubborn, sleeping mass. They force ideas and truth in a format that cannot be ignored or shouted down. Memes also infuriate the deeply programmed and they make us laugh. After all, we can't be empathetic unicorns all the time.

  7. SILENCE. The oft quoted line from Matthew 7:6 "...neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you" can be pressed into service here. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think most people that have been Red-Pilled tread a fine line between expressing themselves loudly and keeping their mouths firmly shut. We often find ourselves in the position of wanting to bring about awareness and knowing when to let others continue in their slumber. Our fight for truth and well being often hinges on our discernment of when to reveal ourselves, how loud we choose to be about it and it in what arena we are sharing. Sometimes we get further in our quest by keeping others at bay.

These are the first laws pertaining to the Great Awakening. I am certain that we all have our own feelings and unique experiences associated with our own awakenings, but these are mine and what stands out to me as I write these out for the first time. What are your thoughts?

The choice is yours @tacostate

About me: I am a writer and artist. One aspect of my Red Pilling has been documented in my book Toxic Rainbows


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Thanks for the advice! Red pilling is tough!