Oh Boy: Hunter Biden’s Computer Camera Roll Turned Over to Bannon and Giuliani Contains 25,000 Images With Sexually Explicit Selfies and Porn

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Earlier this week The New York Post released shocking emails that prove Hunter Biden introduced his father, then-Vice President Joe Biden, to a top executive at the Burisma Ukrainian energy firm. This was a year before the elder Biden pressured government officials in Ukraine into firing a prosecutor who was investigating the company.

Hunter Biden left his laptop at a computer shop and then neglected to pick it up after several calls. The owner of the computer repair company handed over Hunter’s laptop to the FBI last December. The FBI hid this evidence from congress and the executive branch during the Pelosi impeachment hearings. But before the computer store owner, John Paul Mac Isaac, turned over the computer to the FBI he first downloaded much of its contents. He later gave this information to Rudy Giuliani’s attorney who then worked with Steve Bannon to deliver the information to the New York Post.

The contents from the computer include photos of Hunter Biden with prostitutes and a photo of Hunter sleeping with his crack pipe (or meth pipe) like a pacifier.

On Saturday Steve Bannon sat for an interview with Revolver News. Bannon warned the Biden Crime Family that there is much more to come — from several outlets — in the coming days.

Steve added that there are 25,000 images that show a drug-addled, depraved lifestyle.

The New York Post corroborated Steve Bannon’s numbers.

Neither Hunter Biden’s lawyer nor Joe Biden’s campaign have disputed the validity of the trove of data that The Post obtained after being extracted from a MacBook Pro laptop. The owner of a Delaware computer repair shop said the device was dropped off in April 2019 but never retrieved.

A computer camera roll of nearly 25,000 images is loaded with sexually explicit selfies and porn (which The Post is not publishing), but also has snapshots from Biden’s childhood and vacations.





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