Extraordinary Real Life Freedom

5개월 전


You know your living free when you can sing and dance through a hotel lobby without a shirt and feel only inspired expression and joy.

1 key factor is that the children have no shame or fear about it (as it should be) the second factor is that they have never been shamed or forced to comply and act like normal people as most children are faced with from parents/society/school/church.

All children are born free and honest. Expressing them selfs authenticity and passionately.

Most children learn from a very early age that it is not ok and that they must act/be appropriate based on society standards.

This is a shame as humans generally and especially society are not living free and inspired lives.

As a parent it is my greatest job to protect them and nurture their true selfs from the world u til they are empowered self existing beings.


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What a great joy to witness the life of freedom you provide for them @quinneaker. It is an exceptionally inspiring reality and even more so to see the joy in which they live!