Qiupu River - away from the city, come to a meditation tour

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Walking in the rain with friends, the daytime seems to blend into the beautiful scenery of this poetry. When you indulge in the beautiful scenery, you can feel the unrestrained, elegant and free-spirited mood of Li Bai.

Shi Xian Li Bai visited Wuqiu River five times and left a poem saying "The Seventeen Songs of Qiupu" To: "Qiupu is like the autumn, the depression makes people stunned; the guests are unfortunate, go to the East Building; look west to Changan, see the river flow. Send a message to the river, and remember it." Today's Qiupu River It seems to reproduce the picture at that time, and this is the situation. Who can not move it, only "I want to go, thin tour into a long tour."

We walked over the suspension bridge and headed for the other side to integrate into the fishing village of Qiupu. The village after the rain seemed to be a bit desolate. The Huizhou architecture stands on the bank of the Qiupu River. The design of the gray stone road and the log fence is just right. It not only does not destroy the environment here, but also plays a very good decorative effect.

Noon fishing village cuisine

Looking over the Qiupu River We came to the fishing village of Qiupu for lunch. We ate the characteristic Qiupu fisherman's dish here. The taste of the dish is quite in line with everyone's taste. There are Baigui stewed pigeons, Meicun dried cognac, dried beans, and Qiupupan. Steamed eggs, Citi oyster ducks, steamed meat, etc., my favorite is the dried bean simmered meat, fat but not greasy, combined with the special fresh scent of the dried beans, the index finger movement, is also a special dish here. There must be Qiupu flower buds here. The flower buds grow in the Qiupu River. Because the water quality of the Qiupu River is clear and clear, the flower buds are fresh and delicate, and the taste is very good. The meals on the table are basically swept away and can be seen as delicious.

Before I went to Qiupu River, I was very fond of its name. The lines were full of poetry and paintings. Because of its name, I thought it was autumn. Puhe is the most beautiful, I did not expect that until the immersion, I found that the Qiupu River is very beautiful at this time.

The Qiupu River is always in a hurry and sometimes gentle, so we can take a kayak floating on the water and admire the river. The beauty of the two sides of the strait; count the poetic scenes of Li Bai's strokes under the waterwheel ridge, Yuliangba and Diaoyutai; feel the peace of mind surrounded by the natural scenery of this beautiful mountain. The spirit of the whole person has been relaxed as never before, and it is not too comfortable!

The Night of Bonfire

End Drifting, the sky is late, the twilight is dark, the campfire rises in the fishing village, and the fire suddenly trembles, making the mountain village with cool breeze a little warmer. The red flames set off against the light paintings in the blink of an eye. Our laughter and laughter mixed with the creaking sound of the fire made the quiet mountain village re-filled with vitality.

The visitors who came to visit the Qiupu River came from all corners of the country. The atmosphere that should have been restrained was ignited at the moment, and there was no cold breath. Everyone has put aside the psychological constraints, open their minds and chat, and during this trip, there is also a precious memory~

Breakfast in the autumn fishing village of Yep

The taro that was eaten in the fishing village was soft and sweet, and could not help but eat two.

Hiking Baizhang Cliff Primeval Forest Adventure Area

After breakfast, we will come to Baizhang Cliff, and once we enter Baizhang Cliff, we can see the red font logo, in green The trees are shaded. The Baizhang Cliff Scenic Area integrates Qingshan, Green Water, Kistler, Flying Waterfall and Glen. In listening to the tour guide, Baizhang Cliff is also known as the “moving canyon”. Baizhang Cliff has more than 30 participating projects such as tightrope, rock climbing and upstream. There are countless Bitan, and the canyons are covered by virgin forests.

Walking in the scenic area, the winding path gives a quiet beauty, like a "curved path" The Zen room is deep and woody." The flowing water flowing down the mountain adds a pleasing music to the quietness. Compared with the toughness of the mountains, the current is so gentle.

There are a lot of outdoor sports here, rock climbing, zipping, ubiquitous, waterfalls, high-altitude flying, passing lovers Bridges, tightropes, etc. are all available. These projects make us urban people who are used to reinforced concrete can enjoy the activities and experience the beauty of nature.

We came to play in the early summer season, which is just a summer resort. We walked on the slippery creek a little bit forward, and the clear spring water flowing from the bottom of the foot was refreshing around us. It was a different experience in the canyon of the green jungle. As the summer comes, it’s refreshing to take a walk in this secluded canyon!

Water Park

Besides being close to nature, the water park is certainly an indispensable experience. After the end of Baizhang Cliff, we came to the water. Paradise, the tour guide said that you can experience flash floods, waterslides, slides, water villages and many other water projects. The design of the water park is "dynamic, wonderful, thrilling" for the personality of the play, the card ventilation design elements can not only be round Everyone has a cartoon dream, or the favorite style of a child. It is suitable for family and children.

A piece of "sea" hidden in the mountains appears in our field of vision, we can't wait to wear a bathing suit and ran over. Indulge in the water, from time to time tapping the surface of the water to stir up the shower to the opposite person, with the wave of waves of waves, the scene atmosphere has led to another climax.

Longgong Adventure

We continue to walk deep into the park, and a smoky Dragon Palace appears. In front of you, this lifelike appearance casts a mysterious veil on the adventure inside, giving people an impulse to find out!

After the introduction of the lecturer, I learned that this is a Shaoguan expedition consisting of the Dragon Palace, the Chamber of Secrets, the Labyrinth, and the Trinity. Only relying on keen insight and ability to deduct my mind, plus the tacit understanding of friends. Help, it is possible to find the right path, otherwise it is very likely to get lost in the Dragon Palace~

Ending the adventure of the Dragon Palace adventure, the two-day and one-night trip to the Qiupu River is a perfect ending, we are about to Return. For me, although in the downtown area, my heart is tied with mountains and rivers. Regularly away from the dust, indulge in the landscape may be a good choice. The day when the journey ends, but the heart can still move on. The Qiupu River has to be said to be a good place to give the mind a holiday.

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