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The first ever crypto based Social Network Steemit is back on track; The dynamics has changed considerably since the recent changes to the Steem blockchain distribution rules. Quality contributions seems to get noticed again!

You may ask: "What is Quality?"

Answer: "That is a very difficult question to answer, since it is so subjective!"

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Discussing Quality

The other day I was discussing with some colleagues about the quality of music - more specifically - electronic music. With Amsterdam Dance Event happening as we speak, a topic of heavy debate! A very interesting question raised in this discussion was: "When a large group of people - the mass - likes something; Isn't that quality?"

Belonging more to the purist side of electronic music, I started responding: "This is not true", but then I figured I should not be opposing this definition. In the end: Anything can be Art; Anything can be Quality; Since "who" determines what is Art and what is Quality?

In general, I don't have a firm definition of quality. When you ask me, I would state something on the lines of: "Art and Quality is something that Sparks Interest and/or touches our Emotions in whatever way." Hence quality is very subjective.

That said - although I didn't do any research on this topic - I can imagine quality can be determined objectively, to a certain degree. However it'll be very difficult to determine the required parameters and algorithms. I certainly hope with the big attention to AI development, this will be something that we will be able to understand and determine better and better over time.

some Analyses

With regard to my own content contributions to the Steem blockchain and analysing my most rewarded articles, it shows that quite a wide range of content seems to have enough 'quality' to deserve good rewards. The content ranges from collection of photographs to music, opinions and truth finding.

I was not able to find a common denominator in my top rewarded articles, other than the fact all these articles took considerable time and effort te create in terms of content as well as formatting. With this I'm not saying at all that quality is determined by time spend, or format! Proof for this is that some of the articles that took most of my time, didn't end up high on the reward scale after all.

some Examples of Valued Articles

Below, I include my top 5 most rewarded articles published last few weeks. I hope this gives you an idea of what is rewarded by the Steem community. Note that more than 95% to 99% of the rewards on these articles, are given by manual curation (teams & individuals), not by auto voters, not by paid votes, not by self votes. This should provide proof Steemit is getting a cool place again; A place where quality is rewarded again.

Click the images below to open the respective articles

a Photographic Story

Music & Stories

Research & Opinion

Music & Stories

Steem / Steemit Curation & Call for Action

If you will, show me the articles you think have some form of quality; Simply link them in the comment section below; I'll curate them and you may get some additional rewards added :)


qsounds music library with more than 300 entries | A...K | L...Z |

steem blockchain curator for @illuminati-inc and @qsounds

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Hi, @edje. Nice writing about what would be considered quality.

So, may I suggest one of my most recent music posts? Here is the link: https://steemit.com/music/@wiseagent/album-review-jesus-is-king-kanye-west.


Hi @wiseagent. Certainly a post that in itself deserves some value, hence I gave it my 100% vote. But, what I don't like is the fact you milk the system by posting each post two or three times. You may say: I do this in different languages. But still, add the three languages in a single post. Once written an article, it is damn easy to translate it and get your auto voters voting for the same content, and curators who do not look into your channel to give votes regardless. Keep up the good work, but please consider to add the different languages into a single post.

Inspired by @stephenkendal who launched a I Love Steem campaign on Twitter, I created the article above and used it to promote Steem and Steemit on my own Twitter account. Be inspired as well! https://twitter.com/hggnooo/status/1185919999225073664