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Hello Amiable readers, I'm here to introduce something revolutionary, so sitback,relax and gently comprehend this piece.


Technology is advancing, adding versatility to the world at large, making the world a better place day by day. Cryptocurrency or blockchain technology being one of the child birthed by technology itself, is already offering so much to world at present since it's existence in 2009 til date.
In recent times, there have been so many blockchain projects in existence and some yet to be conceived, all these projects are not just coming into existence to relax or just have a name, they are introduced or in existence to proffer solution to a perceived problem which they observed from researches made by the team behind the projects, using blockchain to provide solution to problems faced in the world entirely.
Most of these blockchain projects has it's own token introduced, which can be used as means of exchange within the successful project's platform as means of exchange or possibility of liquidity.
The use of tokens on blockchain empowered platform is becoming vast, same as some perceived problems which are; Ability for the tokens to be easily converted to cash on exchanges with little or no time and on a large scale and also because most current exchanges are centralized with prohibitive price for listing.
Known to everyone inclined with the knowledge of market, an individual's main aim of involvement is to acquire profit, a situation whereby the tokens obtained from these blockchain platforms can be converted to cash with ease. Hence, if there is no liquidity, there is no market.
Now, imagine a public blockchain structure developed to provide instant liquidity to as many orders of relative size, this would be a great evolution, right??

Introducing QUANTA A public blockchain empowered platform to provide fast, scalable and open digital assets exchange, where individuals with valuable digital assets be it tokens from various blockchain platforms can easily be exchanged to other forms of cryptocurrency or digital money valuable to an individual.


Current existing exchange platforms whether Centralized exchanges CExs or Decentralized Exchanges DExs has certain limitations at the moment. Tokenization is the new wave, rapidly growing to become a vital part of the economy on blockchain powered systems.
CExs are still in full dominance over DExs although it has obvious limitations; operations are slow, not so secure and not well structured to handle large extent of exchange operations at a go. The DExs blockchain powered platforms originally meant to eliminate the problems faced in CExs, still yet encounters its own limitations. The DExs wants to proffer a fast, secure and scalable platform but still yet, its adoption is still at a distance, because of some reasons stated by QUANTA project which are;
1. They are not actually decentralized
2. They are far too slow.
3. They lack share liquidity.
which are the perceived reasons why centralized exchanges still dominates.
For more detailed explanation on the above stated problems, here is the link to the project's Quanta Whitepaper



The Quanta project to be well interpreted states that to building a fast and scalable digital asset exchanges is an I/O problem that the present general ledger will never solve. Regardless of this, the Quanta project is offering something new and strategically solving these problems by its platforms functionality.
The QUANTA Platform is offering two approaches to solving these problems, which are;

  1. Quanta delivers near-instantaneous, on-chain order matching (5M tx/s at <1 sec latency)
  2. Quanta enables cross-chain transactions.
    The Quanta Chain wants to create a center of liquidity that brings together every major blockchain and unconditionally uphold today's and the future token-based markets.


Quanta Chain DEx platform is powered by blockchain 3.0 which it uses as its bases to solve the issue faced by DExs on scalability, speed, and comprehensive blockchain-based security.
QUANTA combines an on-chain order book, a distributed memory ledger, and a unique variant of dual-ledger Byzantine Fault Tolerance Consensus.


The Quanta chain is an innovative key function of the platform having cross-chain order architecture, fast order-book based on distributed memory ledger, and a DLBFT Consensus.

How it works

The user deposits its own variety of tokens into the cross-chain wallet, then the blockchain 3.0 powered system will then issue one-to-on credit tokens into the user's quanta wallet, and when the Quanta credit is issued, the user has unlimited access to fast and secure trading on all token trading pairs available on the chain.


Quanta has some superior characteristics compared to other projects which are stated on the image below and also another feature; Its Token Listing.

Token listing

The amount or fees required by Exchanges can be really enormous, this surely plays a vital part in the concept of liquidity across all exchanges whether DExs or CEx. Quanta is offering something different by letting go of the norm, it allows its users define the buy/sell pair to place on the order book. Quanta want to also create liquidity of rare tokens, and create a situation in which the platform does not define specific token pair without direct orders but through shared and token liquidity.






Imаgіnе a blосkсhаіn empowered exchange platform, whеrе serving liquidity to its users is its ultimate priority,offering cross-chain transactions, where scalability іѕ easily іmрlеmеntеd, where thеrе іѕ a tор nоtсh ѕрееd іn transactions and rеlіаbіlіtу іn trаnѕасtіоn rаtеѕ. Where there is elimination of exchanges with еxсеѕѕ сhаrgеѕ. Thаt DEx platform is роѕѕіblе and this platform іѕ QUANTA.

Still inquisitive to get more information?
For more information about the QUANTA Platform please visit any of the links below:

Quanta Whitepaper
Quanta website
Quanta medium link

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