5 Sentence Summary - What is Quantstamp?

2년 전

Smart contracts are of great interest to a lot of people who want to explore blockchain technology.

Securing smart contracts has proven to be far more difficult than most people realize.

Services such as Quantstamp make it easier to secure smart contracts, as that remains somewhat of a problem these days.

The team's goal is to establish a new protocol to secure smart contracts.

Smart contracts will be checked automatically to expose any vulnerabilities.

Source: The Merkle

This upcoming ICO has got to be one of the more hyped projects in recent memory -- and for good reason. Quantstamp is offering a service that aims to rectify a glaring flaw that's apparent within Ethereum's 'Turing Complete' smart contracts ecosystem.

I will be writing a follow-up post to cover Quantstamp as I'm very excited about many aspects of this project. Stay tuned and hop onto their site to check out this revolutionary addition to the Ethereum ecosystem -- Quantstamp

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Interesting, I will look into them. Whitepaper, etc.
Thanks for the heads up.