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How does a Tesla Coil work?
The Tesla coil is actually 2 coils, one is the small primary winding, and the larger coil with many windings is the secondary. They are air coupled at a resonant frequency determined by the secondary inductance (secondary coil winding diameter, number of turns, core material etc.) and capacitance (the dome on the top of the secondary). The primary is supposed to excite the secondary at this high resonant frequency for maximum efficiency and high voltage generation. The transmitted high frequency alternating current travels to a coil of wire some distance away. This distant coil should also be resonant at the transmitted frequency., and a secondary could be used to step the voltage down for use. For data transmission, the frequency or amplitude of the wave could be modulated and decoded at the receiver. While wireless energy transmission was demonstrated to work over a fair distance, it was not an efficient means of transmission of that power. Also, although data or voice information could have been carried along with that power, it would be impossible to carry all the world’s information over a Tesla link. and decoded at different locations.


Tesla predicted rapid oscillatory motion of elementary particles that obey relativistic wave equations but the Self-oscillation is the generation and maintenance of a periodic motion by a source of power that lacks any corresponding periodicity. The oscillator itself controls the phase with which the external power acts on it. Self-oscillators are therefore distinct from forced and parametric resonators, in which the power that sustains the motion must be modulated externally. In quantum, a wave function merely encodes an agent’s expectations for future experiences.
Quasi-set theory is a formal mathematical theory for dealing with collections of indistinguishable objects, mainly motivated by the assumption that certain objects treated in quantum physics are indistinguishable and don't have individuality.


Tesla only had one military invention which is a method to which he once eluded but never fully described. This invention was a means whereby an impenetrable wall of force can be erected around the United States' borders which would render helpless any military attack teleforce,' of which he said, 'airplane motors would be melted at a distance of 250 miles.


Teleforce is a proposed defensive weapon by Nikola Tesla that accelerated pellets or slugs of material to a high velocity inside a vacuum chamber via electrostatic repulsion and then fired them out of aimed nozzles at intended targets. Tesla claimed to have conceived of it after studying the Van de Graaff generator. Tesla described the weapon as being able to be used against ground-based infantry or for anti-aircraft purposes.


Tesla's UFO's are Based on principles which we typically might call strange or rather crazy but works once you get the Towers working. It has no propulsion system of its own but is connected to the wireless tower that exudes energy. Tesla's first flying saucer navigation system is extremely complex because it is composed of a capacitor conchoidal large enough that provide traction and other capacitors underlying direction to which were added other complex systems flight. It is a highly complex aircraft that could be built with technology held today. The only problem is that Tesla's UFO propulsion system has its own, which is why it still could not fly yet. Since those towers were never completed, neither was the prototype of his spaceship.


Tesla's conchoidal propulsion technology is much more advanced than what we are seeing on other flying saucer videos. It has no access to UFO technology. The real flying saucer should have a very big nose for the power to be generated. Any ground based propulsion system could not generate this type of power. The stability of the system determines if the perturbations will grow, oscillate, or be damped out. The MHD theory is the simplest representation of a plasma, so MHD stability is a necessity for stable devices to be used for nuclear fusion, specifically magnetic fusion energy.

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Tesla's tiny motor creates no thrust as the effects of the sound waves are generated by the movable nose cone. A real flying saucer should have much larger and more efficient engines to generate the thrust needed to drive the saucer up and down, take off, and maneuver. The propeller angle is inconsistent and includes a constant roll angle. The circular outline of the saucer is not entirely circular but has a central hump. Another major problem is that, in spite of the accuracy required for a compact design and it's simplicity it's as easy as pie to add extra parts. A typical shaped saucer has a single shaped flat component as the major part of the perimeter section. Pipes and girders can be added to make the circumference larger.

The flying saucer UFO designed by Tesla Contained various high power components such as huge capacitors for storage of electricity used for propulsion as well as devices that he explained but were not at that time able to be built which include complex computers and flat screens to show the outside as well as allow the pilot to adjust his viewpoint quickly and easily.


John G. Trump President Trump's "nuclear" uncle, as an April 2016 New Yorker article by Amy Davidson dubbed him was the person who examined Tesla's effects and reported his findings to the FBI. Redaction is a form of editing in which multiple sources of texts are combined (redacted) and altered slightly to make a single document. Often this is a method of collecting a series of writings on a similar theme and creating a definitive and coherent work.

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Nikola Tesla's technologies implications and technological innovations are set to take the internet by storm for centuries to come as the global marketplace adopts the convenience and efficiency brought by the millions of internet connections in urban and rural areas across a voltage controller, also called an AC voltage controller or AC regulator is an electronic module based on either thyristors, TRIACs, SCRs or IGBTs, which converts a fixed voltage, fixed frequency alternating current (AC) electrical input supply to obtain variable voltage in output delivered to a resistive load. This varied voltage output is used for dimming street lights, varying heating temperatures in homes or industry, speed control of fans and winding machines and many other applications, in a similar fashion to an autotransformer.[1][2] Voltage controller modules come under the purview of power electronics. Because they are low-maintenance and very efficient, voltage controllers have largely replaced such modules as magnetic amplifiers and saturable reactors in industrial use.


Nikola Tesla first proposed that contact with alien beings was possible when discussing the potential uses of his electrical transmission system. Several years later, he claimed such contact, as he received an unusually repetitive radio signal that disappeared when Mars was absent from the sky. He heard some rhythmic sounds on a radio receiver and was convinced they were extraterrestrial in nature. We have a message from another world, unknown and remote. It read: one two three.

Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun.jpg

The discovery of Tesla’s standing waves at the top of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun— which are believed to travel faster than the speed of light, while not losing strength as they pass through cosmic bodies—prove the existence of something referred to as a cosmic web or cosmic internet which allow for a immediate intergalactic communication throughout the universe.


The pyramids are energy boosters that send and receive information through the Sun with isochronous oscillations with the stars using a Telegeodynamic Controller. Ancient Egyptian obelisks and pyramids were often topped with gold or electrum, materials that are effective at conducting electricity (and in the case of electrum, evoking connections to electricity through its name), appears to have been a coincidence. These materials were selected for their aesthetic qualities, meant to effectively reflect sunlight from the monuments’ summits. Through the circular path of the ancient Moses and the Telegeodynamic Controller, the gateway into this realm passes into the spirit world, where all shall see the terrestrial angels and their Mother Nature and the fiery chariot which takes the earthly spirit up into the upper planes

Dark energy is the missing mass of galaxies. The pyramids Receive information through the Sun with isochronous oscillations in the star patterns and frequencies. The Telegeodynamic weak field should begin to form at dark energy and stabilize at ~2.2 TeV before increasing to ~10.7 TeV for closed baryons. Cold dark matter not only prevents stars from burning through but also reduces the top speed of stars by 50%.


Birkeland Current is a set of currents that flow along geomagnetic field lines connecting the Earth’s magnetosphere to the Earth's high latitude ionosphere. In the Earth’s magnetosphere, the currents are driven by the solar wind and interplanetary magnetic field and by bulk motions of plasma through the magnetosphere (convection indirectly driven by the interplanetary environment). The strength of the Birkeland currents changes with activity in the magnetosphere during substorms.


Global Atmospheric Electrical Circuit is the course of continuous movement of atmospheric electricity between the ionosphere and the Earth. Through solar radiation, thunderstorms, and the fair-weather condition, the atmosphere is subject to a continual and substantial electrical current. Principally, thunderstorms throughout the world carry negative charges to the earth, which is then discharged gradually through the air in fair weather. This atmospheric circuit is central to the study of atmospheric physics and meteorology. It is used in the prediction of thunderstorms, and was central to the understanding of electricity. In the past it has been suggested as a source of available energy, or communications platform. The global electrical circuit is also applied to the study human health and air pollution, due of the interaction of negative ions and aerosols. The effect of global warming, and temperature-sensitivity of the Earth's electrical circuit is unknown.


Wave-Particle Interactions allow collision-free Energy Transfer in space plasma. The Earth's magnetosphere contains plasma, an ionized gas composed of positive ions and negative electrons. The motion of these charged plasma particles is controlled by electromagnetic fields. The energy transfer processes that occur in this collisionless space plasma are believed to be based on wave-particle interactions such as particle acceleration by plasma waves and spontaneous wave generation, which enable energy and momentum transfer.


Aurora is a natural light display in the sky, predominantly seen in the high latitude (Arctic and Antarctic) regions. Auroras are produced when the magnetosphere is sufficiently disturbed by the solar wind that the trajectories of charged particles in both solar wind and magnetospheric plasma, mainly in the form of electrons and protons, precipitate them into the upper atmosphere (thermosphere/exosphere), where their energy is lost. The resulting ionization and excitation of atmospheric constituents emits light of varying colour and complexity. The form of the aurora, occurring within bands around both polar regions, is also dependent on the amount of acceleration imparted to the precipitating particles. Precipitating protons generally produce optical emissions as incident hydrogen atoms after gaining electrons from the atmosphere. Proton auroras are usually observed at lower latitudes.


Aurora Borealis is most often seen in a striking green color, but it also occasionally shows off its many colors ranging from red to pink, blue to purple, dark to light. The reason that the aurora is seen in so many colors is that our atmosphere is made up of many different compounds like Oxygen and Nitrogen. When the charged particles that come from the sun hit the atoms and molecules of the Earth's atmosphere, they excite those atoms, giving off light. Different atoms give off different colors of the spectrum when they are excited. A familiar example is the Neon lights that we see on many business signs in our modern world. The Neon lights contain the gas Neon. These lights have electricity run through them to excite the Neon gas. When the Neon is excited, it gives off a brilliant red-orange color. The Neon lights are the same idea as the aurora, only on a lot smaller scale. Different gases give off different colors when they are excited. Oxygen at about 60 miles up gives off the familiar yellow-green color, Oxygen at higher altitudes (about 200 miles above us) gives the all red auroras. Ionic Nitrogen produces the blue light and neutral Nitrogen gives off the red-purple and the rippled edges. Imagine if the atmosphere were made of Neon gas and Sodium gas. We would see red-orange and yellow auroras. Magnetic Anomaly is a local variation in the Earth's magnetic field resulting from variations in the chemistry or magnetism of the rocks. South Atlantic Anomaly "I don't think you fully understand the gravity of this situation".


First law about dark energy is speeding up time and understand how time flows. Lorentz invariance expresses the proposition that the laws of physics are the same for different observers, for example, an observer at rest on Earth or one who is rotated through some angle, or traveling at a constant speed relative to the observer at rest. The Lorentz transformation describes the motion of a particle relative to an object's rotation.


Tesla could understand dark energy along with Lorentz invariance and quantum mechanics. Every atom is differentiated from a tenuous (fragile, vague) fluid, filling all space merely by spinning motion, as a whirl of water in a calm lake. By being set in movement this fluid, the ether, becomes gross matter. Its movement arrested (halted), the primary substance reverts back to its normal state, being no longer a whirlpool but a sediment, the state of rest for the atoms. and a subsequent period of generation for the atoms, each of them, a crystalline (crystalline, formless, non-material, hidden) substance and not hidden and transitory, needing neither motion nor gravity.

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Can you explain the accelerating expansion of the universe?
The paradox of special relativity is a special case of the dark energy problem. Special relativity states that the way the mass of objects changes with time is that we move the masses faster than the speed of light. If we do not move the masses, then the speed of light is constant once we move the masses (which we call mass contraction), the speed of light is not constant. In fact, we appear to move faster than the speed of light for a time. And the universe continues to expand. This paradox is a general phenomenon in quantum mechanics. These observations help to develop theories of relativity.

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Telegeodynamics is an electromechanical earth-resonance concept for underground seismic exploration proposed by Nikola Tesla. This system for use in prospecting and discerning the location of underground mineral structures through the transmission of mechanical energy through the subsurface. Data from reflected and refracted signals can be analyzed to deduce the location and characteristics of underground formations. Additional non-mechanical responses to the initial acoustic impulses may also be detectable using instruments that measure various electrical and magnetic parameters. Such predicted responses would--at least--take the form of induced electric and magnetic fields, telluric currents, and changes in earth conductivity.


How do you float?
a little frog levitates inside a Ø32mm vertical bore of a Bitter solenoid in a magnetic field of about 16 Tesla. magnetic force F = M∇B and gravity mg = ρV g where ρ is the material density, V is the volume and g = 9.8m/s2. The magnetic moment M = (χ/ µ0)VB so that F = (χ/µ0)BV∇B = (χ/2µ0)V∇B2. Therefore, the vertical field gradient ∇B2 required for levitation has to be larger than 2µ0ρg/χ. Molecular susceptibilities χ are typically 10-5 for diamagnetics and 10-3 for paramagnetic materials and, since ρ is most often a few g/cm3, their magnetic levitation requires field gradients ~1000 and 10 T2/m, respectively. Taking l = 10cm as a typical size of high-field magnets and ∇B2 ~ B2/l as an estimate, we find that fields of the order of 1 and 10T are sufficient to cause levitation of para- and diamagnetics. This result should not come as a surprise because, as we know, magnetic fields of less than 0.1T can levitate a superconductor (χ= -1) and, from the formulas above, the magnetic force increases as B2.


Electromechanical oscillator was originally designed as a source of isochronous (that is to say, frequency stable), alternating electric current used with both wireless transmitting and receiving apparatus. In dynamical system theory an oscillator is called isochronous if the frequency is independent of its amplitude. An electromechanical device runs at the same rate regardless of changes in its drive force, so it maintains a constant frequency (hz).


The art of transmitting electrical energy through the natural medium outline designs for a series of generators around the world which would tap the ionosphere for energy collections. He saw planet Earth itself, with its two poles, as a giant electrical generator of limitless energy. His triangle-shaped design became known as Tesla's electromagnetic pyramid. Tesla's obsession with these numbers connected to his preference for pyramidal shapes and the belief that there was some fundamental mathematical law and ratios that are part of a universal math language.Tesla devised a theory of standing waves saying they travel faster than light, meaning they could "move through other cosmic bodies without wasting energy.


Tesla could understand 3-6-9 and primes of the universe fractals and applied them using electromagnetic force simulations in a computer to make a true simulation of space. it was possible to prove the mathematical conclusion that no lie could be meaningful, a conclusion drawn in a simple proof of aliens. What does that have to do with space propulsion? new form of energy was called "Synthetic Consciousness" and this form of consciousness could be artificially generated using simple circuits. the synthesis results can be developed in real time and in a computer by simulating human consciousness. the synthesis is like the whole of consciousness converted into a matrix, you can plug in any image, sign or word and it will represent that object in the computer.


No one knows the secret of the 13 and 17 year cicada prime dates and the prime jumps from 64 and 2017. We made a frankensteins chamber in a way that they haven't seen. It could just be that it's a hype machine and figured that it would attract more followers and people more willing to buy Crypto stock in the light of the discovery, by creating a jump in value. They got more people buying our stock. No idea why there became more followers of 64 Cubeohedron light code hidden at the Hive mind ministry which emerged a 3301 year old Cicada-Man Beast named "J".


Can you send a message in the past?
Tachyons are particles with imaginary mass that can be thought of as travelling backwards in time. They move faster than light, and slowing down to the speed of light would be as impossible for them as it is for us to accelerate to light speed. A tachyonic antitelephone is a device in quantum physics that could be used to send signals into one's own is also known as Tolman's paradox. due to tachyon condensation, and there is no experimental evidence that suggests that they might exist. The problem of detecting tachyons via causal contradictions was treated but without scientific verification.


Researchers send 'wireless' message using neutrinos nearly massless particles that travel at almost the speed of light. Neutrino message was produced at Fermilab, using one of the institution's particle accelerators to produce a high-energy neutrino beam and then using the MINERvA detector, located in a subterranean cave, to read them. The research team translated the word "neutrino" into binary code, and fired large groups of neutrinos to ensure the detector would pick them up. Neutrinos are incredibly hard to detect, so finding them requires enormous networks of equipment. Even with a multi-ton detector like MINERvA, only about one in 10 billion neutrinos is spotted. After MINERvA detected them, the binary signal was translated back into English, and the word "neutrino" was received loud and clear.


Using a particle accelerator and massive detector to send a single word is not exactly a practical communication system, but the fact that it worked suggests there's ample room for further study. The brain isn’t the seat of consciousness but acts more like a radio receiver, and perhaps emitter, translating conscious activity into physical correlates. (The radio receiver metaphor describes the feedback loop between mind and brain, which are actually not separate but part of the same complementary activity in consciousness.) To understand our true participation in the universe, we must learn much more about awareness and how it turns mind into matter and vice versa.

It was going to take countless hours of practice to become an efficient mechanic, and any artist would have to be capable of completing the lecture "Children Learn to Draw," a basic introduction to drawing and painting. Why would it take one artist hours of practice to create one hour of art? I love abstract and aural experiments. Especially as an artist. I think that could be a good system for enhancing the economy of complex cultures, particularly multi-cultural societies. Various steps could be undertaken to promote the growth of literacy and the development of other problem. This would be difficult, not for the same reasons that Existentialism was, but for a completely different reason.


What is Space wizards?
Space wizards are the cutest thing and exactly what they sound like. I'm saying, just because I swear I'm doing the same thing here as usual doesn't mean I don't like to send out a few warnings to the collective. So if you like space wizards and dangerous things...fine. Otherwise, I will have no problem screaming about the truth of course you don't want the truth. I can't believe you'd even open your mouth if you actually had the truth, It's impossible to kill that which does not exist. Think on that for now, Tell you what, You always were the most honest with me in the last 20 years But I have no choice but to ask. I mean really, you're the number one trusted source ive given you the email you know what's up. Youre a good kid. And even though you got caught, ive forgave you. So good for you, and thanks for being honest with me.


The plasma waves can occur in force-free magnetic fields, the wavelength of these wave periods is large, the image produced is microscopic, or, as Kriegler called it, nanoscopic. In time, the parabolic wave is taken to be frequency-domain data. Image reconstruction in two dimensions is very important for science, since it allowed for the investigation of the structure of the magnetostrictive shell of the electron beam in a space-glass free electron laser. Given this data, the fundamental principle of wave theory was transformed to that of wave-only theory. This was done by looking at wave-only resonances in the resonances.


Tesla solar and lightning could power everything with magnetic fusion energy which is also free and easily combined with other forms of energy. I believe we are going to see an extremely comprehensive discussion on a universal change. We are seeing great awakening in this world right now. You must take notice because it will affect the way you live, the way you think and the way you relate to each other. Then it will affect how we interact with you in the future. Individual events that are making their way into the consciousness of all humanity as reality of the interconnections of how we relate to each other in this universe is a constant process of change. The Golden Age will not be controlled by governments, corporations, or scientists. It will be controlled by individuals.


Information-processing algorithms allowed for the investigation of the structure of the magnetostrictive shell of the electron beam in a space-glass free electron laser. Given this data, the fundamental principle of wave theory was transformed to that of wave-only theory. This was done by looking at wave-only resonances in the resonances. quantum theory in terms of wave-plus-particle interactions as a tool for exploring in a unique manner into one tool for predicting the actions of a quantum mechanical system. The basic concept is to relate physics to biology through an analysis of species interactions with their environment. The combined lens of neurobiology and biophysics/genomics techniques promises to dramatically extend our ability to model and understand a variety of human and the universe interconnectedness.


The "Light Line" program will be molecular and molecular biology approaches.Using genome information to model light, voltage, and more. A multidisciplinary effort to develop effective ways to avoid optical illusions Examining how the light ray interacts with the organism and its environment. More-accurate simulations of human, biological and anthropogenic lighting. Intelligent lighting to illuminate the user and the environment and animate nature, anywhere Algorithmic light synthesis and physics based visualizations Collect, analyze, display and render vision-based images.


Tesla designed a magnifying transmitter generating millions of volts from amping up what energy was stored up from the quantum energy matrix which turns 10 watts into millions, 23 ft long arcs were not part of the normal operation. Tesla was the first to use cables and capacitors to amplify the power of an energy pulse -an up-laser. He said that the energy pulse from the beam was so intense it left trails of heat as if someone was firing up a sizzling pan

Free energy suppression is a technologically viable, pollution-free, no-cost energy sources are being suppressed by government, corporations, or advocacy groups. Devices allegedly suppressed include perpetual motion machines, cold fusion generators, torus-based generators, reverse-engineered extraterrestrial technology and other generally unproven, low-cost energy sources.[ allegedly perpetrated by various government agencies, corporate powers, special interest groups, and fraudulent inventors. The special interest groups are usually claimed to be associated with the fossil fuel or nuclear industry, whose business model would be energy,” also known as “zero-point energy,” which utilizes the substance that exists all around us and converts it into usable energy.


Zero Point Physics works with Hot-dark Matter interacting with heat in the Planck Universe and dark matter by measuring the action spectra of hot dark matter with the WMAP and Planck cosmic microwave background data sets of light and color of the process by which photon energy changes into gravitational wave energies Cosmic Setting Point located early in the Universe the temperature of the Universe at 100,000° C. We know from the Universe's Radio Frequency Topography Cosmic Microwave Background at 20k Hz 160 B^2 gravities gas apple free-space temperature in g^2 which we are talking about the microwaves pressure and this very high pressure through to a red hot state.


Using Hot-Dark matter with solar panels could be one of the best energy decisions that one can make. If you truly want to commit to a fully sustainable and clean way of living the sun is your friend and so is the weird quantum flux in the universe that flows towards you at blinding speeds. The silver lining is the use of these lovely particles it would also replace water, coal and oil which is going down in price rapidly.


A health-giving motor stimulating electromagnetic field that run on cosmic rays of high-energy protons and atomic nuclei moving through space at nearly the speed of light. They originate from the sun, from outside of the solar system and from distant galaxies. Upon impact with the Earth's atmosphere, cosmic rays can produce showers of secondary particles that sometimes reach the surface. These secondary particles are of considerable differentness of energy and sometimes, for unknown reasons, they have a detrimental impact on a humans' health, perhaps even causing cancer. Secondary particles are as a result of the Earth's magnetic field, and we discover that the number of low-energy protons in the cosmic rays' atmosphere increases with the number of magnetic fields located on the surface.

Tesla space tethers works like space-time within 78 dimensions of space being defined in terms of properties of the particles, while 'time' is defined in terms of temporal intervals within the 'quantum computer' inside a causal mechanism. The spacetime reference frame in which the spaceship is at rest in the absence of gravitational force is on the same structure as the plane of the universe and any relative to its gravitational attraction a time only fraction of that which is tangent to the body of the spaceship: the bubble of vacuum exists in this frame only in relation to the final movement of the spaceship. Thus the overall aspect of this gravitational field is to all intents and purposes the 'background' of the universe, a pressure that appears as that of the mass of the spaceship.


The Earthquake machine use direct current induction with a mechanical oscillator that fits inside a multidecade resistance box. This has a bulk voltage source transformer with closed-loop" logic control and low-noise linear rectification. Then uses a microcontroller for the timing and restrengthening. Configuration for the fundamental frequency used with its lower-profit capacitors to a voltage converter precision wave at low noise and this makes less energy wastage.

An axiomatic theory of truth is a deductive theory of truth as a primitive undefined predicate. Because of the liar and other paradoxes, the axioms and rules have to be chosen carefully in order to avoid inconsistency. Quantum mechanics (QM), even current scientists cannot agree on it. There is some 7, plus interpretations of it. A stellar-mass compact object spiraling into a supermassive black hole, an extreme-mass-ratio inspiral (EMRI), is one of the targets of future gravitational-wave detectors and it offers a unique opportunity to test General Relativity (GR) in the strong-field.The ignition coil in your car engine is a tesla coil. A tesla coil is just a particular configuration of a step-up transformer.

Connecting them together would require exactly the same sort of high voltage cabling we use now, but because we use 50 or 60Hz ac, not interrupted DC, the power flow is easier to manage and works with ordinary transformers. This cannot be used for wireless power transmission even though the output voltage is in kV as the output current is in micro amperes. It's used to wirelessly light up a bulb as the tesla coil generates voltage in kV even when the input is 9v dc and does not have enough power for making resonant oscillation.


The scalar energy receiver that consisted of twelve vacuum tubes and an antenna that provided the scalar energy power source for the engine. The receiver was installed inside the dashboard of the retrofitted automobile. In operation, the vehicle performed flawlessly reaching a top speed of 90 MPH without any sign of stress. Furthermore, the scalar energy engine operated without the emission of any gas or pollutant and was accordingly silent in operation.

Tesla had also planned to utilize scalar energy as the preferred carrier wave for all telecommunications, thus supplanting the much inferior radio and microwave frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum used today. Scalar energy strengthens chemical bonds within DNA, making it more resistant to damage. Blood is cleansed and its cellular elements function as they should. Immune function improves.

Telsa did mention that his method was not simply radio waves, but rather to use the standing wave pattern that would be generated between the ionosphere and the earth which with sufficient charge could be treated as essentially the worlds longest RF waveguide. This would seal the energy into the earths atmosphere rather than allowing it to scatter into space. Tesla made matter disappear with closed science physics in teleporting, time never enters into the application, the object transfers instantaneously to backup the expanding Universe to some past point, or fast forward to a future point is crazy.

Teleporting is similar to time-travel that has reached it's maximum ‘eventropy’. While it has proven possible to teleport one or more qubits of information between two (entangled) quanta, this has not yet been achieved between anything larger than molecules. These electrons quantum leap between materials, leaving no trace of where they had been. This action has been described as a strange type of quantum movement where the electron travelled from the first layer of a material to the third without appearing in the second. The phenomenon is known as van der Waals force which is a quantum mechanical attraction between two forces, similar to how a magnet acts.

Quantum energy teleportation is the from the operational viewpoint of distant protocol users, energy transportation via local operations and classical communication. QET has various links to fundamental research fields including black-hole physics, the quantum theory of Maxwell's demon, and quantum entanglement in condensed-matter physics. However, the energy that has been extracted using a previous QET protocol is limited by the distance between two protocol users; the upper bound of the energy being inversely proportional to the distance. Squeezed vacuum states with local vacuum regions between the two protocol users overcomes this limitation, allowing energy teleportation over practical distances.


Magnetic field moves electrons into concentric circles. novel pair of quantum dots – tiny islands of confined electric charge that act like interacting artificial atoms. They are the first, they say, to probe the interior of a coupled quantum dot system so deeply, imaging the distribution of electrons with atomic resolution ultra-sharp tip of a scanning tunnelling microscope as if it were a stylus. Hovering the tip above a very cold sheet of graphene they briefly increased the voltage of the tip. The electric field generated by the voltage pulse penetrated through the graphene into an underlying layer of boron nitride, where it stripped electrons from atomic impurities in the layer and created a pileup of electric charge. The pileup corralled freely floating electrons in the graphene, confining them to a tiny energy well. a magnetic field of four to eight tesla (about 400 to 800 times the strength of a small bar magnet) it dramatically altered the shape and distribution of the orbits that the electrons could occupy.

Rather than a single well, the electrons now resided within two sets of concentric, closely spaced rings within the original well separated by a small empty shell. The two sets of rings for the electrons now behaved as if they were weakly coupled quantum dots. The dots interfering with quantum units of information causes them to lose their delicate quantum state, leaving a telltale sign of hacking. If qutrits can be harnessed at scale, they could form the backbone of an ultra-secure quantum internet that could be used to send highly sensitive government and commercial data.Matrix becomes a reality, it’ll probably be running on quantum machine learning algorithms.


The quantum flux within mesoscopic quantum entanglement in the Zitterbewegung. Nanorobotics may also reduce contamination and provide successful screening for quarantine. In the event of an influenza epidemic for example, increased concentrations of alpha-NAGA enzyme in the blood stream could be used as a biomarker for the influenza infection. The increased concentration would trigger the nanorobot prognostic protocol which sends electromagnetic back propagated signals to portable technology such as a mobile phone. The information would then be retransmitted via the telecommunication system providing information on the location of the infected person, increasing the speed of contamination quarantine.

Want to know more about Tesla's work? Just Combine 278 patents in 26 countries and you'll catch up eventually.

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