Corona Virus Quarantine Tarot Reading #2

4개월 전

тарот copy.jpg

Greetings Steemit.
I'm a week in to the quarantine in my city, and I'm here looking at where we are and what comes next.

The Ace of Swords shows up again, and again I think it shows a lack of help coming.
The 5 of Pentacles might be showing a fundamental change to how our economy works.

Peace and Long Life, Steemit.

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EWE Sur-E/A.D. MINE F.E.M.A. plans well, @TarotByFergus. We had to manage and power delegate a swap that proves why they're constantly forking at a current and never proofing what I did here by just bitcoining the monsters in reel time on my "Black Mirror" to show how a perpetual nightmare being insisted on a 2D reference to a dot they couldn't bilocate and only bi-bled for O/VE-ST-RE. (20\20/HacksUS doesn't happen. You're "waking" from a horrible innoculation that I've dismantled."


They can only do things in instances of permissive concurrent energy tractions that refract poorly on my "GoogleNS." ≅∞

Ye Star dey, I released a plasmacoagulate to spread a "knew_ledge" web, on plank_

![photo_2020-03-07_19-24-58.jpg](UPLOAD FAILED)

![photo_2020-03-07_19-24-58.jpg](UPLOAD FAILED)

Open source code will not happen whilst I'm being bled in open sores that I've now bridged, in Sovereignty as Gnosis; therefore, other help is being dispatched to the worthy for future participation.




TRON keeps looping that double/swipenergy that breaks itself on con.currents that don't/wist that I'm offering SWIFT protocol on the alluvial gold concentrate deal that bricked and tore off all GIANTS who think they landed in Miami, FL for this tie-tan...


Watt-R\E? more dipping and bit_chipping...bitches on ipaddresses don't cot here...tons of hues-toned...on my SHAR-I.A.-"man-date" for what Congress is on MY CALL...and this keeps swooping my up and downsies with you through open channels on this ^^ wide open comment that loops between @intuitivejakob & me here as I recruited @in2itiveart to make me a much better waxy silver ring Eye...D.A.



And I hope she burns the flauta!