No Threatening No Fudders

3년 전

There are a lot of active fudders, some people even contact  the team to induce fear in us in order to get public sale allocation tokens. We are threatened to get more fuds If we refuse to meet their greedy request. 

For example, one claimed that our token sale whitelist process didn’t take total scores into account. Specifically for the question, our whitelist program is using a technique called Inverse Transform Sampling, which means if your score is 1.5x higher than other people, you should have 1.5x more chance to be picked by the sampling. For more details and a simple simulation, please refer to this GitHub issue.

The public sale plan is intended and has been executed with the sole intention of keep things fair. We know people are really upset, because they missed the opportunity since the price is much higher than ico price. But it is over, let's focus on the future and forget the past. 

And as I mentioned before, all the effort you made will not be in vain 1) we are reviewing the bounty content right now and high quality ones will get token reward 2) everyone's score (including quiz bounty and early supporters) will be turned into credits for public testnet bounty program (if you are still in the telegram group when announced) , which will lead to an airdrop. This will be announced after we launch the public testnet in one month. 

Just want to let you know, we are happy to answer any questions or take feedback, but we do not tolerate threatening and we are not afraid of fudders

For those who have been with us for a long time, you know we are very tech driven, and our main focus is on tech development. Do not forget we are still in a bear market, please give us some time to prepare a big surprise for public testnet soon!

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Crypto Space is still a small community with the maximum youngster, who are careless or care a fck attitude, they don't care about company team or what vision a brand should have or has. Crypto market full of scammers and fudders just gain some cheap money get the market down so they can buy more, since its all youngster investor market is being manipulated easily there are maximum 3000 to 5000 big investors who are controlling, taking advantage of youngsters by creating fud and scare them an make profits, the youngster and newcomers should not trust any fu/ news until a brand confirms it. don't trust all the YouTubers all maximum will be working same as you to make money so where were they have invested or getting paid they can manipulate the market, So ppl be careful of this ponzzy fudderz and fudz. its not oly quarkchain its only brand facing this issue most of good brands or facing same issue. i think all the brands to come together catch the scammers and Fuders and expose them so the market can be open for next generation/newcomers with trust on cryptos.


Trust in legit cryptos has always been there. Look at Bitcoin itself, so many times it is called a bubble and it has always manged to survive and thrive.
However, new icos with quick get rich schemes, 10-20x etc, and promises to change the world with millions of transactions, in a short period of time are making crypto space a mess and leading it to a failure. If someone sees a clear flaw in their claims, those should be exposed to the community and investors.
You can call it fud or whatever. I believe it is about showing the investors and community the reality they are supposed to see. Have a look at this file and see for yourself, how a person scoring above 80 has a lower chance of winning a lottery than a person with a score around 60.
If you can't even code a simple lottery, how can people expect you to build a blockchain with millions of transactions, shards etc. etc.
QuarkChain if not a complete scam, it is very close to a scam


If a team like Qkc is a scam freaking whole humanity is a scam, Human should be rewired for being such a species in universe.


How could they be rewired if no one knows the tools to (re) ~birth


You are demonstrating an extremely high trust in an ICO which hasn't even fully disclosed their developers' team. They have constantly ignored and denied that they have made any mistakes. ICO industry is highly speculative and most of us will simply accept this fact.

I believe in this. And accept my soul when I say I am amongst some of the most Intelligent men.... And the world needs to hear what you have; what we, what he, she, him... has to say. In history you will find there is a time when man helps turn the page.

America is not your magic. The Picket fence was a lie, Bred to a nation terrified. So many of you don't see how much power you have, MY God let me help you reach your brevity.
The farthest corners of the world, Where all my dreams have lived. Ideas.. Just flowing
Let it be known a great great truth.. magic knowledge and love have been flung to all corners of the Earth. Let us be a collective of their Birth.
~ Because I believe in Love man. I wanna live what they talk about in the Rock Songs. I want to know...~Man I gotta- I gotta-know that freedom when I'm going down the road. Why does world lack that love and acceptance. We all know why... Knowledge man.. Knowledge.
It's time to give it back.

Man I just, I wanna dance slow+:

I believe in

The collective that is US(Let us be a love.~. Why? . Because You are brilliant @Honeychum @Pkalra My eyes of the Wise. Each and every one of us; each/and EVERY ONE of you. @everyone You are wise, you are Magic... The very platform takes place where we give rise for True Steem to.... be a catalyst. Lets rewire what it means to ~Exist~ Because this is not it.

I'll be dropping some substantial Decimals Because I know that I know that I KNOW~

This is the Master Book of the AGE.

All I ask is that you accept my chisel because I will back the Pen with your name. When I launch OWN> This this will be The Literal Birthplace of The Golden Age I find it strange... the times at which we awake.

If you have a look at the excel file of scores and their relationship. It is easy to see that high scores do not have 1.5x higher chance at winning. That is nowhere near the truth. I think you guys owe an apology to your community.