My Quarrantine Story - Nunavut, The Last COVID-19 Free Territory

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That's right, as of the writing of this initiative blog by @theycallmedan, Nunavut, Canada is Corona Free! But the quarantine is still on! My wife is a grade 6 teacher and has been off work for three and a half weeks now. Social distancing is in full effect, and this is a wonderful thing. If the virus does make its way up here we have been taking all the proper precautions to reduce its spread throughout the community. You need only look at what the Spanish Flu of 1918 did to arctic communities to know why it is extremely important that we take these steps to reduce the spread of the virus to the most susceptible populations of our nations. Now, I know COVID-19 is NOT the Spanish Flu, but it is a virus that attacks the respiratory system and due to the high levels of mold in the arctic from the harsh elements on the houses, a lot of the Inuk have respiratory issues that leave even young adults listed as those of high risk of complications from corona. It's not "just a weak ass bug" up here. It could very well be life and death for the people of Nunavut.

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But as for the individual level, we are fine. I don't have a job up here (yet) so there has been no real change to my lifestyle from the quarantine. The only big change is that my wife is home with me all day so we can play video games together all day! We've been playing Red Dead Redemption Online and have been having a blast. The lag is pretty bad, but because the PvE aspect of the game allows us to do simple, slow-paced adventures together it doesn't affect us all that much. We spend a lot of the day hunting deer and small game while doing the daily quests to earn gold bars. I'm on a 45-day streak right now and she's up to day 37. (THIRTY-SEVEN!?)

Pulled out for one weekend, this now remains our permanent setup since the quarantine struck

As you can see from the first picture, I'm also attempting to print a Hive logo on my 3D-Printer but I'm not having the best success. Rest assured, once I get this .stl dialed in I will be releasing the file to the masses. It was created by @diyhub, but I may have to redo it due to some weird slicer issues.

Aside from just gaming with my wife I've been doing some retro gaming reviews and we've also been baking. First, we made a Caramel Apple Cobbler and you can find that recipe here;

I also got a new camera and have been attempting to take photographs, but quarantine aside, it's TOO FRIGGIN COLD to get outside and take pictures of interesting things, so I'm somewhat limited to photos out of our windows at the surrounding landscape. But we did get a nice shot of the moon a few days ago for @photo52's weekly photography challenge. You can find more information about the challenge here;

If there was a Proof of Temperature blockchain would I be in a very good spot or a very bad spot?

Anyway, it's been a fairly quiet quarantine up here. I'm hoping we remain at zero cases. I'll leave you with some of the shots I have managed to get over the past few weeks.

Moomoo running to see if the ravens left her any treats by the snowinukshuk
Modeling bores the MoomooA raven flies low over the tundraIgloolik Airport overlooking the hamletHaving a rest after sledding on Cemetery Hill18-foot tall ice heave on the Arctic OceanSunset on Inuksuitlacking  Edited.png

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