What powerful question should we ask ourselves that will change our behavior?

2년 전

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The question that I think we should ask ourselves that will change our behavior regarding life is, "Will I be proud about this in the future?" . Especially when making decisions or in taking a big leap forward, I always ask this question to myself. 

If the answer is YES, then I would continue on doing what I ought to do. For example, about waking up everyday early even though it is tiring, I would ask myself, will I be proud of myself about this in the future? Yes! Hence, I will continue doing this behavior.

If the answer is NO, I will stop doing what I do. For example, procrastination. If I have certain things to do but continually procrastinate, I would ask myself again the same question, "Will I be proud about this in the future?" The answer would be No. So, I would stop procrastinating and do the things I want to accomplish.

There are lots of questions to be asked that could probably change one's behavior. For me, the question I stated above is one of the most powerful ones.

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