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Hello guys! Welcome to another episode of #questionandanswer where you get to know your favorites bloggers/vloggers better, in a more interesting way. Today I have with me here another amazing want to guess who?.....well not before the commercial break!!

Photo 52 Contest

Contest post by @wwwiebe with the account @photo52 brings to us an opportunity to showcase our skills and creativity with photography. It is an amazing project which is going to run for a year, the themes are given every week and we are to make the best of those themes. Wonderful and beautiful entries have been coming in, the post link here is actually the one for this just incase you missed it before go to the link above which says "photo52" and let's go photo hunting!!!

So guys! Welcome back from that break, it is with great excitement to make known our guest for today.....drum rolls please..... let us make welcome @wwwiebe!!

Image used by permission from @wwwiebe

When I say I meet lots of amazing friends from steem terminal, @wwwiebe is one of them. His personality and works precedes him. Getting to know him more through this interview opened my eyes to how wonderful he is and fun too lol. He has a number of amazing posts to his name and a wonderful contest going on.....a photo of our guest....

Image is provided by my interviewed guest @wwwiebe

Now let's get to know more about @wwwiebe....

How do you see life generally?

Wow, that's a pretty broad question; I'm not sure I have a quick or easy answer to that. In nature life is just that; it's life. It's eating, sleeping, mating, surviving, and carrying on daily. Life is an ever continuing cycle that works in complete harmony with itself and with nature. We humans, having the curse of self-awareness and mortality, mess the natural cycle up. We build complex urban jungles with concrete freeways, we pollute the streams, rivers and air on the grounds of commerce and progress, and we throw enough food away to feed the world at least once over. I know, that's pretty drastic and a high level commentary.

On a more personal, introspective level, life is still about continuing on daily, but since we do have self-awareness, happiness becomes a part of it. Plato felt that happiness was achieved by being "good" and doing what was "right". Aristotle felt that happiness could only be achieved through a harmony between physical and mental well being. Saint Benedict would have taken a more introspective approach to happiness. I suppose happiness for me, then, is a daily struggle to make myself and help my family make ourselves better people on every successive day.

If you are to make a rule for everyone to follow, what would it be?

Oh that's easy. That would be to treat everyone else (everyone else) the way you would want to be treated.

Yeah, I think we tend to forget that other people are, in fact, people too, with their own families, likes, loves, people they love, who love them, and so forth.

Bliss11: Yeah...most times we get selfish and put that aside...well, that's the world we live in. It's like everyone doing things to benefit him or herself irrespective of if it's going to harm someone else.

@wwwiebe: Exactly, even just walking down the street. We all pass homeless people and dont' give them a second thought. Run through a mental exercise and ask yourself what that person's childhood was like. Suddenly that person becomes an actual Person. Or just accidentally bumping into someone. Does that make them a jerk? Or does it make them someone who's thinking about how they're going to get their school assignment done while going to work that night.

Bliss11: Hmmm....that's a thoughtful one...I guess we are all or most people are affected by situations or experiences faced, so sometimes you may not blame thought though but it doesn't justify anything.

@wwwiebe: That's right. We all have our own story, each and every one of us.

How would you describe yourself?

Oh geez, that depends on my mood. Um.. flustered father who is very unsure of himself and questions himself daily? Typically I'm really quite self-conscious and I need to remind myself about daily that I shouldn't be. Sorry.. struggling with this one.

I am continually biting off more than I can chew and signing up to do more than I have the time for. I'd call myself an over-achiever, except I haven't quite achieved yet. 🙂

Image is provided by my interviewed guest @wwwiebe

I get bored easily too, so am continually looking for new things to do. I have maybe a hundred hobbies and projects in various states. Yeah... definitely more than I have the time for.

Bliss11: You would achieve what you set your heart to do, it may take time though but you'll get there...not so easy though.

@wwwiebe: It would be easier if I were independently wealthy. 😇

My head is usually three steps ahead of my mouth, so to speak, so they're often not in tandem. What I want to do is several things at once.

What habit do you dislike people exhibiting?

Chewing food with their mouths open. Ugh. Beyond that, typical discourteousness and rudeness. Turning your back on someone when they are speaking to you, or interrupting them, is insulting beyond measure.

What inspired your contest "Photo 52"?

Ooooh, nice question. A confluence of events and desires inspired that. One of my many hobbies is photography - a number of years ago I contemplated entering professional photography full time, in fact - and it's something I really enjoy. I've undertaken two personal "photo365" projects (one picture a day for a calendar year) and it's surprisingly difficult to do. One themed photo a week is much easier!

Now that I'm here on steemit I've been wanting to find a way to really, truly engage with the population. My favourites communities are the ones focussed on creativity and art in some aspect, so I thought it'd be a neat way to engage the communities with a fun year long activity that is organic enough to be different every week to keep it fresh.

I've been having a great deal of fun with it. The interpretations people have had to the themes so far has been phenomenal.

Bliss11: Yeah...great entries that I can't even think to compete with but for me it's just the fun

@wwwiebe: Oh yeah, some of them are just incredible. The idea is to push yourself creatively and, you know, make yourself better at it each and every day. 😉

What lesson or experience would you want others to learn from?

I'd like everyone to give a complete stranger a compliment every day, and mean it. Maybe not even a complete stranger, but someone new. We spoke earlier about everyone having their own story as to how they got to where they are, and what's happening Right Now. Through personal experience I can assure you that it's very uplifting to receive an unexpected compliment or smile, and it's just as uplifting to give it.

And then pet a dog. Dogs make everything better.

Image is provided by my interviewed guest @wwwiebe

My poochie. 🙂

Image is provided by my interviewed guest @wwwiebe

The one in the right side, her name is "Bella". She was supposed to be my son's cat, but she became very, very near-death ill when she was tiny, and I spent over two weeks spoonfeeding her and forcing medicine down her throat to keep her alive. I think she realises what I did for her, and she became my cat after that.

We have a black kitten too, which is on the left in the photo.

If you were a super hero, what would you be?

I have this discussion with my son all the time! And I still don't know the answer! LOL! If I had to be a pre-defined super hero, I like The Flash. Not only can he time travel, he's just always so happy to help people. I like that.

Image is provided by my interviewed guest @wwwiebe

What small things make your day better or make you smile?

Unexpected compliments from people I respect, the boys actually getting up and getting to school on time, ice cream, payday!, and playing games with the kids.

Image is provided by my interviewed guest @wwwiebe

Tell us about one of the most happiest moment of your life?

I honestly don't remember ever being "happy" in the sense you're meaning, I think. I've been momentarily elated, thrilled, angered, depressed, concerned, stressed, and maybe overjoyed, but those were all just fleeting, passing moments. I can tell you that I am most content when my children are happy. Maybe many Christmases ago when my daughter was about 5, we'd spend every day over Christmas holiday playing her new games for about four hours, then we'd finally have lunch and go do whatever else we wanted to do. I've never again been able to recapture that joy and peace that we had that one Christmas.

Image is provided by my interviewed guest @wwwiebe

I try to at least be content, if not happy. Yeah, I think a lot of it depends on how you define 'happy'. I dunno. I certainly don't walk around all day smiling. Maybe laughing. For the wrong reasons. 🙂

Image is provided by my interviewed guest @wwwiebe

Wow! What an amazing time with @wwwiebe, I hope you enjoyed the read because I totally did. A big thank you, @wwwiebe for being on today's episode of #questionandanswer, it was great having you here and thank you for your time was great and fun too and am glad to have gotten to know you better.

Leaving you all with this photo before I go....😜

Image is provided by my interviewed guest @wwwiebe

It's cute though, what do you all think? 😉

So guys, this is where I draw the curtain for today's episode of #questionandanswer, send in your nominations of someone you want to see as a guest here or drop questions you would love to see answers to....I remain your humble host....Bliss.

Image from: Bitmoji

Have a lovely day!!

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Thanks so much for the interview! It was a great deal of fun to get to chat with you today.


Thank you @wwwiebe for being so amazing. It was great chatting with you too I enjoyed every bit of it. Have a lovely day!!🤗

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@bliss11 you done it again! Loved it, and @wwwiebe well I got to know you even better and I loved some of the things you said. I made me look at today different. Your header says nerd, but lines like “ It's eating, sleeping, mating, surviving, and carrying on daily “ more sound like a enjoyer of love. I see a family man ( great share of the family bunch photos ) I liked the giving a stranger a compliment it’s a world to much Self-centred or surrounded. You know I am a fan and love that you do so good in less than a year. The @photo52 is a great share and addiction to have and an excellent contest in steem ok enough feathers ( which reminds me to do a feathered blog because it’s Friday ) in your behind
Keep up the good work friend
See you online


Thank you so much mama!! @wwwiebe is an amazing friend and am glad to have known him better. Thanks for your comment mama, I appreciate you stopping by and for your continuous support. Have a lovely day!🤗

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Trust yourself @wwweibe, it's never easy. Good stuff @bliss11! :hugging:

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