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  1. Why do we accept anything bad about us as the truth while no amount of proof convinces us of our good qualities? A nearly infinite amount of positive feedback comes at me online but it only takes one comment that I do not like often to feel like that is the truth. Maybe I want to believe the truth about me is bad sometimes?
  2. What directs us to condemn that in others which is most similar to what we dislike and deny in ourselves? I called someone out today for talking behind my back about me and then I talked behind their back about them ...
  3. How do we best find empathy for those that resent us? Understanding their lives helps a lot!
  4. Where do we unlock the courage to share our truth when we are afraid of what people will think? Seeing others do it is what inspires me and I hope to show what that looks like in what I do here daily.
  5. Who would love to help us the most today? I will keep an eye open. Last night I called a friend when I was in the middle of a resentment and what cheered me up was hearing how excited he was at helping me.
  6. Which lesson can we learn the easy way today instead of requiring the hard way to be convinced?
  7. Will readers grow tried of my posts here, roll their eyes, unfollow, and forget me? It is up to me to do my best to serve and respond to feedback while not up to be who reads and how much.
  8. Can we really handle the truth or will it just make us mad? The truth used to only make me mad and today I realize anything that does make me mad is the truth I am avoiding.
  9. Why do I feel so awkward about tipping? What do I need to do to feel great about giving someone a tip? I am not sure why I feel so awkward about tipping and often feel like something nasty took place after giving a tip instead of feeling like I just was generous and kind.
  10. Why do we work so hard to avoid uncomfortable conversations and then benefit so greatly from them? My wife and I last night had been avoiding a conversation about our updated sex life since having a child for at least a year. It was a little painful talking our way through it but now we are much more on the same page about differences from before and after!

Thank you for reading another day of questions because this is helping me out a lot to expand my consciousness and I hope it provides the same for you! Do you prefer that I add comments to the questions to help the context I am asking them in be more clear?

Would you please upvote this post if would like me to make more like it because seeing how many upvotes I get helps me decide what to prioritize?

Jerry Banfield

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I think tipping is something most people find hard especially when involving different cultures. Some cultures believe the tip is included in the purchase price. Well at least that was how I felt as a server in college lol.

All these questions demand too much time. XD


If you don't ask questions you will never find the answers. Everyone is on their own journey. Some look for enlightenment while others wonder what their life meant. Often to late. Keep asking those questions Jerry.


Noone knows why only what!


lol right

I once met a man in a pub who was quite drunk, and he kept saying "It's nice to be nice." We laughed at him and then with him...but what keeps coming to my mind is the fact that of all the things I have heard drunks say all over the world, this one is the most memorable to me. I tell you this in reference to #9 on your list re: kindness.


Yes, It's nice to be nice.

Always insightful! Thanks

I have more deeper questions on what happened to my life @jerrybanfield


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Too many questions @jerrybanfield can lead to confusion or even worse, noise of the brain. In order not to get confused, let us use a whiteboard and start the process of categorisation and subsequently, start finding solutions to the questions.


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deep questions..

Thanks for sharing these great questions! These are all spot-on. You make a good point about always letting negative things affect us much more than positive things. I assume because as humans, we're wired to think negatively because of the media and subliminal messages. We criticize ourselves and get mad over the smallest things. The sooner people realize that life is a gift and we are to cherish every moment, the sooner we can block out those negative comments and appreciate the joy that people bring. I also loved your second question about disliking the things in people that we dislike most about ourselves. I think this stems from constantly wanting to better ourselves and trying to help other people to do the same. For example, I hate when someone is shy, yet I'm really shy myself. I get mad at them because I want them to enjoy life and not make the same mistakes I did. It feels good whenever I help people out so I do that whenever I can. We are subconsciously trying to make the world a better place by changing in it, what we don't like in ourselves. It's a convoluted way of helping others out. The rest of your questions can all be condensed into one simple word, confidence. If someone is confident, they won't second guess themselves. They won't stray away from uncomfortable situations. They won't get hurt by the truth because they're confident in who they are. They'll help people out in any way they can and won't worry about being judged or looked at differently. Being confident is a trait that many people admire, but few have. We all need to be confident in ourselves. Life is short lived, and the truth is, everyone is different. No one is better than anyone else. We are all on this Earth to help each other out and make the best of everything. So why not spread some joy, be optimistic, and make the world a better place? I'm a very open person and can talk about anything. That's why people like me and feel comfortable around me. I don't judge anyone and I always have a great attitude. This is something that's helped me get to where I am in life and is something I hope other people can share as well. Thank you for these great posts, they help a lot of people whether you notice it or not :)

Whoa !! @Jerrybanfield you nailed it again. These questions are taboo for a reason but you took it to us and then we have to react.
Great post !!
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How can you not FEEL GOOD after everything that @Jerrybanfield shares on STEEMIT ???

good post Jerry

@jerrybanfield just out of curiosity, are you looking for answers as well or are you just posting so people can contemplate these things? For instance, on 1) this is because we are genetically wired through thousands and thousands of years of evolution to assess every single situation as a potential dangerous situation, triggering a "fight or flight" response. Back in the days these dangers were very real, wild animals, diseases, war, even weather conditions and it helped us to survive. Nowadays, most of us don't have these real dangers anymore but we're still wired the same way. So what that means is that we're triggering the same response even when someone looks funny across the table or raises an eyebrow, or leaves a negative comment on social media. It's a natural response, but not of these times anymore. How do get over it? Well, realising this is the first step I'd say...

Interesting, particularly the first question. I believe that is just the human psyche - we notice more negative things about ourselves than other people ever do and this includes noticing a single negative comment over many positive ones

as always great work

Hey Jerry! i'm pretty sure you are in the high consciousness state by questioning yourself a lot about such a high level topics, have you ever tried to change frequency of your existence in a physical body and tried to open yourself in more higher levels? im so curious

Do these questions come from others here on steem? If so would you include their names next to each :D

@JERRYBANFIELD great post as always, could you do me a good one and take a look at me posts and and give me an honest evaluation of what you think I strive to make informative and entertaining post. Also how do you upload a profile picture?

I love your contemplative pictureScreen Shot 2017-07-10 at 2.43.40 PM.png

Are we supposed to actually try and answer these questions or are you just trying to get us to upvote you? I'm a little confused, but I like your post..

Hmm, u put some serious issues. Which let me think many things today.nice post.upvote

why we will upvote this post?
because you are creating good content for steemit .Maybe because whale might see us and upvote this comment

#9 I'm so happy to live in a place where people get paid decent wages and where tipping isn't necessary and not expected!

Always have to give without receiving, and you have to receive without expecting anything in return that is my law .. and the real question ... and why not?

wow! they are pretty good Questions

These questions require deep philosophical thoughts and long well planned out answers none of which I'm ale to provide to you because I'm still trying to figure out why my mind cant tell the difference between hungry and bored. @jerrybanfield

this is the life Jerry, did you read the book of steven talking about 10 advices to avoid some cases about negatifs people? what you have to do, is working and keep going up again up. you are a succes man Jerry

No need of adding question in the comments.Its better if you include everything in the post itself.

Nice post thank you for this informations you help me and good lock man

Thanks for these questions on daily basis.

It helps a lot to look inside and ask some questions to ourselves.

Yeah it definitely expands our consciousness. Keep it up Jerry. :)

I actually want to thanked you .i love the way you thinking.if everyone will think in this way the world will be a heaven.

All because of human nature

Jerry you are doing the right thing, I see you producing great work everyday here on Seemit,your helping us all to be successful and of course that helps you to be even more awesome! it's all a win, win.

Thanks for sharing these questions with us. Post like this make us take a second look at our on situations and responses to them. I like the thought provoking questions.

Questions of life and good attendant answers.

Great Post
thank you.

most people can only realized the truth, however i really do appreciate post like this thank alot

That's deep dude. I definitely can relate to the churning in the stomach when giving out a tip.

I encourage people to see investing in the crypto-economy as high-risk high-reward investing. I explain the volatility of the market and encourage people to only put in what they can afford to lose.

This helps but I still feel a little uneasy when I wake up seeing red. I can handle the hits because my money was already gone in my eyes. If I hit big, that's a bonus.

If people use this mentality when investing they are far less likely to contribute to panic sells and the ongoing volatility of this emerging economy.

It is an interesting pint you bring up. I have been a life-long entrepreneur which is an emotionally rocky ride at best. It astounds me how I can have 10 friends say my next idea is "brilliant" but it only takes one pessimistic asshole to rock my confidence.

I'm pretty good at ignoring the haters but they even get to me at times.

Thanks for sharing Jerry. The honesty, the insight..... just awesome mate.

Great post!

Hello @jerrybanfield those are awesome answers, but I yhin it depends more on the kind of lifes and behaviours that people have around the world and specially their cultures. Thanks

You are giving us great information and tips and from the way you are expressing seems you are genuine and only try to help as many as you can, if someone disagrees with you doesn't mean you are not right or not telling the truth, it just means they have other points of view and perspectives. That is my opinion


They are good questions, but I think those questions are too much

The human mind is a complicated thing. If there is anything I have learned over the years it is that we should never stop asking questions. The more you ask and wonder, the more you learn about yourself.

My questions is why are most people great at giving advice, but terrible at following their own advice?

Truth is always bitter.

Helpfull post. Like it

Really good questions that challenge our behaviour and how we see the world. Thank you for sharing

good post as always, keep up the good work Jerry

Very existential questions. I love your diversity in posts Jerry. You suck haha just kidding, but will your mind lead you to believe I was not? lol keep up the good work.

I've got lots off good qualities. Cheers mike

@jerrybanfield I am following you from a long time on youtube and now on steemit. You create quality content almost on all domains. I really liked your course on Andriod. I want to ask few questions from you

  1. What is your ultimate goal of life?
  2. How you keep yourself up in so many things?
  3. What keeps you so motivated always?

I think one day you will become leonardo da vinci of modern era.

Is Jerry married? I'm just wondering.

I wonder! these are thought provoking questions...

I love to read and learn from your questions because they truth about everyday life. Continue the good work by posting more such questions

Life present us a lot questions that we strive daily to find answers to, but i discovered that by coming out clear in all honesty to ask many of the life questions publicly as you are doing @jerrybanfield we can find answers within us that inspires hope and happiness.

I am surely learning a lot from you both cryptocurrency, business ideas, steemit motivational lessons, inspirations and guidance. As a minnow and young boy of 19 i think the smartest thing to do now is to follow someone like you (and some other inspiring guys in this community contributing enough effort to help others and the steemit family grow) and try to gain some inspirations to move forward.

We just gotta make sure we believe in ourselves and stay positive no matter what

Always find your advices helpful and useful. Thank you! Upvoted!
Kindly check out my new posts too.
Have you visited Thandiani

To have a comfortable life we need to work hard and also smart. Somethings are inevitable sometimes.

I have rolled over number 9 about a million times!! lol
The anxiety that comes with tipping drives me insane


You need to fight over that anxiety because everything we can do and everything we want in life are on the other side of fear, once we get over our fear we can do that which got us scared


Oh man...that was a crazy good inspirational quote and talk over tipping:)
I'm following you now man!


Thanks for appreciating my little quote, i just checked out your blog too, full of many informative posts. We are connecting

After reading those question, i dont know what to write..but i appreciate your effort of doing good without expecting in return..or..expecting that people might like it or now. The most important things in life, if we are true to ourselves and with other people,no harm in their part and in our part as well..we are doing well. Thanks for sharing..@jerrybanfield, your one of the reason why i joined steemit...I posted article about you, during my first week here in steemit.

how do you do so good on steem it

To answer one question, or at least, post an idea... I think your the type of individual who strives to better themselves. You can't improve upon a complement very easily, but you can improve upon flaws.

#10 So your sex life is improving, Jerry?

Nice content as always, I'm absolute newbie to steemit but i watched your youtube videos. 1st question is intresting one and part of the answer is in a fact that human beings always feel the stronger emotions. Unfortunately negative reaction very heavily affects our mental state and therefore we feel it stronger. Too often we take positive feedback as a neutral feeling and when something doesn't sound as we want it to, then emotional insecurity kicks in. As a professional poker player i experianced it alot at beggining and trust me this thing keeps coming we can only do whatever we can to reduce emotional reaction! Hope it helps, keep up the good work.

Good post, I support you with my vote.

Those are the kind of questions that don't let us sleep at night! :)

@jeerybanfield thanks for sharing!! Keep posting.

You got my upvote jerry. Your the man!

Go within or Go without

Thank you for reading another day of questions because this is helping me out a lot to expand my consciousness and I hope it provides the same for you!

I don't really want to be bothersome or wish to sound arrogant here at all @jerrybanfield. But for some reason, I can't help but think and ask myself if this comment I did on one of your posts a few days ago has something to do with having sown some kinda seed of good inspiration for the creation of this post that you share with us here today.

If this had something to do with it ¡Fine! If it didn't, well, I'll keep trying harder. }:)

Do you prefer that I add comments to the questions to help the context I am asking them in be more clear?

Yes! in my not so humble opinion, yeah! do it! And above all, please, by any means find & take also the relaxed and proper quality time to go ahead reading every reply of the commenters in your posts and reciprocate the deference with one or two words. So they all know you've read it at least. ;)

¿Sounds this like hella work? ¡Yes of course! But I suspect that's just the small price to pay for being a celebrity. :)

Good publication, keep improving, you have my support.

You are amazing @jerrybanfiled. Thanks for sharing a valuable information with us. Keep doing it man. Upvoted and following.

Thanks for this Jerry. I am brand new to Steemit and people seem to be a lot more open on here about their feelings, and more positive with their mindset. On reddit things can just snowball into a shitstorm of negativity so quickly so this is a refreshing platform and the questions brought up here are ones all can relate to. Look forward to reading more in the future!

like if can give me some steem

Awesome post ... I tend to agree with some of the recent comments ... I really like your openness and honestly about the things that you do! you even told us recently about your revenues ... ver few people do that!

i am new steem user please follow me

Food for thought indeed. You've just gained a new follower. Provided I can discover how to actually follow, that is. You are my first.....

In regard to #8 goes the saying "The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off."
I wonder who said that.

Good questions I worked in surgery for 25 years as a nurse or asst. My title was surgical technologist. We worked in teams and when you are new you have a preceptor. They watch everything you do everything. They are super critical as well they should be. If they criticized the way I talked or something like that I sort of took it personal. But if they told me something that helped me I was good with it. My wife and I talk about this almost everyday. Everyone is sleeping to some degree. It is more evident these days for some reason. Most have to many obstacles to be able to think any more. Immunizations, fluoride, indoctrination centers (public schools) TV It goes on and on as you well know Jerry. Great post!

Congratulations @jerrybanfield!
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Well, because the fact is the bad things generally are true and those who accept them know it, while good things can often be said out of pity.
Accepting truth is a bitter pill to swallow and we as humans strive to be good people, which includes the accepting of bad news rather than the denial of it because of a good person's honesty policy.

Now here's the good news, we control the choices we make in life, there is some semblance of legitimate redemption for those who make a conscious decision to make good life decisions if you ask me.
Always try to lean toward making good and smart life decisions and you'll find that there are less negative things to accept.

Always remember, only those who accept that there's a problem will ever be capable of fixing it.

Yes offcurs its realy helping...#sbmaina02

Every thing is based on conscience, nice post , resteem.

Our unfulfilled potentials draw us to think deeply and ask questions with uncertainty in mind. Great post :)

I'm not going to touch every question because as the most liked comment on this page says "all these questions demand too much time", haha!

Question 6 though, I think everything could be learnt an easy way. The real question is whether we would want to learn it the easy way or not.

We're all battling our inner demons and etc. However, looking at it on a more general scale it could be said that we're holding ourselves back and this could relate to Question 10.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that if we hard wire our mind to working towards train of thought to prioritize growth then everything would be learnt the easy way. The debate would be that there are some things out there that can never be learnt the easy way but what could come easy to one could come like a fastball to another.

Always question and work to an understanding that suits your pace in that particular phase.

Cheers! Just my 5 cents worth.


570+ votes. I'd say there are many who want to read what you're writing.
I want to personally say "thank you" for taking the time every day to write for us.

great post, thanks for sharing!

Hey Jerry you are a real motivator and i love your truly valuable work o steemit so far. You have so much to offer. I want to say a special thank you for this post. I respect people like you on steemit because new people like us look for you guildance and understanding. Thanks again wonderful post.

Wow, this questions are on target!!

It is unforntate that people want to belive the bad in orders because it make themslves feel better. It is all about the ego. Now in this new world of fake news and social media, selfies, narsisiim has made the whole situation worste than ever before.

Maybe the solotion; teach critial thinking and teach kids in kinder garten philosophy... this is the power to ask why, why is enough to make people think there may be more to the situation and perharps even give someone the benfit of the dount.


very sorry for all the errors in spellin :/

Your post confronts me but I like it! it makes me think
I invite you to be passionate about my blog, maybe it's to your liking

| Please upvote/ resteem if you like ;!

thanks for nice question and practical @shrestharam

Jerry, I think the answer to question #9 is: You feel awkward in tipping because it is a societal norm foisted upon us that attempts to twist our arms in being generous, when in fact, generosity feels good because it is spontaneous and not coerced. If you actually could choose to tip or not, you would feel so much better when you do. Actually, you can choose not to tip, but because of the pressure of your friends and the restaurant staff, you cave in and tip. We all do. By the way, I tip about 20-30% even if the service is just adequate. If it's great, sometimes I tip up to 50%. I don't feel bad about tipping because I'm choosing to give more than what's expected even when maybe it's not deserved. After all, isn't that what generosity is? Love your videos and your help here on Steemit. Be blessed.