31. geography quiz with 4 prize levels and newcomer bonus for first-time participants

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The prize levels

  • Whoever answers all 4 questions correctly first will receive 44.44 % of the sum of this author reward and the one of the German post.
  • If no one answers all 4 questions correctly, the first one with 3 correct answers will receive 25 % of the above sum.
  • If no one answers 3 questions correctly, the first one with 2 correct answers will receive 14.44 % of the above sum.
  • If no one answers 2 questions correctly, the first one with one correct answer will receive 7.77 % of the above sum.

To do this, you must send me an encrypted memo within 144 hours (6 days) after the publication of the post with the minimum amount of 0.001 STEEM or SBD, e. g. with SteemWorld. You can see how to do this in the attachment.

Please note: Do not write the solution in the comments to ensure equal opportunity!

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The Newbie Bonus for first-time participants

You get a surcharge on your prize level from

  • one seventh for one correct answer, i. e. 1.11 %, together 8.88 %
  • one sixth if two answers are correct, i. e. 2.41 %, together 16.85 %
  • one fifth if three answers are correct, i. e. 5 %, together 30 %
  • one quarter if four answers are correct, i. e. 11.11 %, together 55.55 %.

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Questions and tasks

Please note the important notes afterwards!

1. Name a group of islands with more than 2 time zones, where the distance between the time zones that are closest in time is not one hour!
2. Which 3 territorial entities of the 2nd level together have almost a straight line as border. Almost because it has an offset of less than 0.01 % relative to the length of the border. Therefore there are 3 straight lines. If only any 2 of the 3 entities are considered, one straight line is the common border.

Tip: Further than 70 degrees of longitude from the prime meridian

3. You travel all over Europe in a purely geographical sense (the Caucasian countries are not included). However, you are only allowed to move in an east-south direction, i. e. between 90° and 180° on the compass. Sea routes and multiple visits of countries are allowed. You choose a route on which you can visit the highest possible number of countries. Which countries do you visit?
4. Which country is that?

Some of the smallest islands are not drawn in and the outlines are not all exact, but the country is sufficiently recognizable.
Tip: More than 4:30 h from UTC

From Pixabay, modified

Important notes

  • Territories which have a certain affiliation but do not belong to, depend on or are not associated with any UN member state are considered as separate countries.
  • Territories that are recognized as independent countries by more than half of the UN member states count as own countries.
  • The following country names always refer to the following, unless otherwise stated (possibly without claimed but not internationally recognized territories):
    • "France", "Australia", "Norway", "Denmark" and "Kingdom of the Netherlands": their widest possible definition
    • "UK": the core country including all British overseas territories, but excluding Man, Jersey and Guernsey and without other Commonwealth member countries
    • "USA": the core country including all overseas territories, but excluding the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base
  • With country always states of the highest level are meant, no federal states or similar.
  • With "territorial entity of #. level" means the following:
    • "2. level": state, constituent republic, federal state, territory, etc.
    • "3. level": province, county, district, borough, etc.

  • Neighbouring countries are only those that share a common land border, unless otherwise specified.
  • Areas include water areas belonging to territorial entities, unless otherwise specified, but do not include territorial sea waters. The data of the CIA World Factbook apply.
  • For questions regarding distances and locations, territorial sea waters are not included, unless otherwise stated.

  • When it comes to boundaries and coordinates, the representations in Google MapsTM and Google EarthTM are always decisive.
  • Filled-in outlines of countries are always standardised and do not include inland waters that are only partially part of the country. However, they contain enclaves, even if these are complete countries. They were created with the app TrueWorld MapsTM.
  • All correct answers are geographical.

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What doesn't count

  • Situation in the same climate zone or on the same continent
  • Any bands of coordinates that comprise more than one full degree of longitude or latitude.
  • Any bands of altitudes exceeding 100 metres in height
  • Answers containing the word "approximately"
  • Common letters or sequences or words in geographical names

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Examples of required and sufficient accuracy

  • "All cities lie between 11°40' S and 12°40' S."
  • "Through both places runs the 900 m contour line." or "Both places are at 900 m altitude."
  • The highest point of both countries is between 4,440 m and 4,500 m (or max. 100 m difference)."

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Appendix: How to send an encrypted memo

Since SteemWorld is probably the easiest and clearest to use and almost everyone uses it anyway, I show it with it. It goes among other things also in your Wallet.

1. Click on Balances.
2. Click on Transfer...
3. If there shows up such popup, choose STEEM or SBD
4. Fill in as shown
5. Important: Encrypt Memo tick on
6. Confirm by clicking on Transfer in the bottom right of the popup window
7. Answer the queries in the following two self-explanatory pop-up windows

SW, Transfer.png

This is described in more detail in Verschlüsselte Memo mit steemworld verschicken und entschlüsseln von @michelangelo3


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