How does the new current Qurator Bot work?

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Introduction to Qurator Bot

The Qurator project aims to reward good quality content with some upvotes. As good content becomes lost in the sea of new posts.

It is a community and for a onetime upfront fee, the community will give you a lifetime of support as long as you maintain the quality standards.

This comes in the form of an automated airdrop every 24 hours by their Qurator bot.

Airdrops every 24 hours?

The current automated system not only checks all members, but checks on activity. As soon as you post it is notified, if you comment it is notified. It then comes by provides some support.

The only requirement is that you have a new post to vote to vote on. Only posts after the previously voted post is considered. Let's look at some examples,

    Example 1 : You provide 2 posts with a vote. You post and the qurator bot comes around provides a vote. You then post 3 hours later. It will pick up this post and save it. 21 hours later it will upvote that post. This was the newest post available for upvote

    Example 2 : You provide 2 posts with a vote. You post, but you are still in 24 hour cooldown, no vote. You then post 3 hours later and the bot picks up your newest post. The bot comes around after the cooldown and upvotes that post, the newest one. There is not a new post available for another upvote

Sometimes I post, but I do not get a vote, what happened?

There are some requirements, such as tags that are not supported by the project, but the details on this can normally be found on their daily or sometimes weekly update.

It is also possible to get an upvote even with everything in order.
The bot like any other is subject to errors. Every qurite that posts to steemit gets checked twice, and while the error probability in this case is small, it still exists.

It could happen that you are being checked at a time the site is extremely busy leading to timeouts - i.e. check failures.
In case this happens there is an additional service where every member is checked by the bot until all members have been checked.

Activity (qurites that post) is prioritised and the loop through all members is secondary. So people that are active get checked first and when activity dies down the bot uses this downtime to continue its checks. This means a complete check varies, but as of current it takes 5 - 6 hours to check 1000 members.

Hope this post has been helpful,

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It is great work you are doing with Qurator!!


Hey man, do you run this project? I want to give you shout out because you showed great generosity when you send donation to me.


I don't run it, just help out on some of the coding stuff. Thanks for the shout out. I appreciate it


Not a problem at all. Going to edit section about you, I will mention qurator bot.

I strongly support this project
good luck

Hi @boontjie

I am new and learning, so bare with me as sometimes it can be information overload when you are new!!

Anyway, I signed up to Qurator today with 4 steem dollars (don't worry it's not about that as I understand I have to wait for you guys to accept my application)

But once/if you do, do I just keep posting as normal or do I have to use a specific tag in every post for you to pick it up? Or what exactly do I do to makes sure I am using your service optimally?


Sorry for the very late reply. You just continue posting as normal zappl and dmania is blocked, but other than that it is fine. Continue as usual