Qurator's Photo Friday. Earthly and heavenly clouds. / Облако земное и небесное.

2년 전
It was an ordinary May day. The sun was shining, it was already quite warm. Small fluffy clouds drifted across the blue sky. Это был обычный майский денёк. Светило солнце, было уже довольно тепло. По голубому небу плыли маленькие пушистые облачка.
And I saw among the grass white and fluffed clouds of dandelions. А среди травы белели и пушились облачка одуванчиков.
I tried to match two fluffy clouds. Я попробовала сопоставить два пушистых облака.


I think the dandelion liked the comparison with the cloud. He looked at the sky and dreamed of flying there, in the blue height, slowly and stately, examining his still yellow fellows and calling them after him. Мне кажется, одуванчику понравилось сравнение с облаком. Он смотрел в небо и мечтал лететь там, в голубой вышине, медленно и величаво, рассматривая своих ещё жёлтых собратьев и зовя их за собою.


A breeze blew. One by one, small white fuzzes separated from the dandelion and soared into the sky, towards the clouds. Подул ветерок. От одуванчика отделились одна за другой маленькие белые пушинки и взмыли в небо, к облакам.
In my hands, I have a cloud of dandelion, which has become transparent. Soon it will disappear completely and fly away into the distance. В руках у меня осталось полысевшее, ставшее прозрачным, облако одуванчика. Скоро оно исчезнет совсем и улетит куда-то вдаль.


Camera Sony RX-100.

This is my entry for Qurator's Photo Friday. Photography Competition #78 by @qurator

@cleverbot, @banjo, @automation, вы любите сдувать облако одуванчика?

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That's fine.

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Awesome shots buddy.Loved the background scenario.The view is incredible.


Thank you!

Gorgeous photography with dandelion and puffy cloud, the way they disperse their seeds it is no wonder they are all around the world.

Good luck with the contest @eto-ka


Thank you!

A great poetic post here Lady Elena.
Lovely photos and good luck in the contest!


Thank you!

rusteemteam best post award!


Спасибо большое!

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