A story that inspire a child!

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Writing stories is art. A story should be more interesting than a good movie, melodious as soft music, tearing up a beautiful and colorful performance like a fabulous piece of painting. It must be a fusion of all these ingredients. Only then can it stand out as a masterpiece. It's not easy to write stories for people of different ages. Each era has its own requirements and a competent writer ponders all this when he creates a story.

In children's stories, the first element that needs to prioritize is a colorful description of different characters, things, and places. Children are attracted by the picturesque and distinctive showmen who lead them to their earthly dreams. There should be less use of words and more use of images. These images must be real enough to bring the story to life, a good combination of colors mixed in complete harmony. You must have the power and magic to tell a story without using words.

They must attract the attention of readers to fascinate them in such a way that they have been fascinated. You have to have a good sequence to tell the story step by step. All characters must be realistically represented by the reproduction of the image so that readers get a clear overview of their properties by reading the expressions visible on their faces. You should show the physical characteristics and characteristics of these characters. This will build the enthusiasm of children.

The subsequent component must be of an extraordinarily creative mind. Children live in the dreamland of their creative minds. They love anecdotal characters of sovereigns, princesses, lords, sovereigns, trolls, pixies, cartoons, and so on. These characters pull in their feeling of a creative mind and enhance their insane contemplations. These characters have properties that make them extraordinary and ideally among children. Most of them are idealized by them and love to see themselves as these characters.

There must be a rich plot, a theme, and an atmosphere that sparks children's interest in the story. The plot must have the element of mystery, excitement, and drama to entertain readers. There must be a conflict of different characters where the positives must always be strong and impressive. These stories should not contain a social problem or controversial topics, as these themes do not correspond to the spiritual caliber of children.

The third element of the story should be the use of actions to divert children's attention. Good characters have to fight evil. Good must win in the end, and evil must stop. This will help build children's characters and teach them the importance of moral values and ethics. These stories must also have animal characters that can speak and behave like humans. Such stories are very funny for readers.

Kids love to read about their favorite animals. These stories should be written in simple descriptive terms that can be easily understood by children. The use of adjectives is considered appropriate in such stories. Facial expressions and other physical characteristics must be explained by them. They should also be used to describe the different personality traits of different characters.

A story written with these elements will surely inspire children and enjoy reading them.

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