Responsibility matters!

11개월 전


Not accepting responsibility for our actions is one of the greatest mistakes, a person can be accused of indifference or he cannot be responsible for our actions.

A few years ago, my wife left our daughter in my care when she ran for us. I'm not sure if I'll be back. I was busy doing my multitasking version and forgot to focus on the most important thing, our daughter's safety. I missed it.

Yes, I'm human and people make mistakes, but above all it made me realize that a single mistake could cost them their lives or at least radically change their lives. At the time I didn't have time to feel sorry for myself. I ran towards her, wrapped my arms screaming around her body, and tormented her with kisses, tight hugs, and ice on the hump that protruded from the left side of her head.

She cried for ten minutes and then gave me a nice smile that let me know I was okay. The ten-month-old girl had found time in her grief to appease her distracted father. I kept investigating to get rid of my guilt. When I looked at her, I laughed at her. At that moment I recognized the power of spirituality. He knew that I knew that we would be together in this life, that I was granted that day; Your safety should always be the first, best habits should be used from this time on.

My lesson of responsibility today is that all mistakes must be corrected, if possible, or at least not repeated; there is no time to feel compassion for ourselves when we have failed someone especially for someone we love.

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