The attributes of a great Mentor!

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It is not easy to go the way that will take you to your destination to become an excellent teacher. This path is neither straight nor clear. It's full of dangerous twists and piercing stones blocking your path. In other words, you should try to be included in the list of featured teachers.
Teaching is a noble profession. The story is full of examples of people who have proven to be wonderful teachers, such as Socrates, a great teacher, and a philosopher who has produced students like Aristotle. Aristotle was also an excellent teacher and philosopher. He had disciples like Alexander Grande, who turned out to be a deep warrior. This shows how important it is to be a teacher of praise.

An excellent teacher is a model for students. They take on different roles to pave the way for success. An excellent teacher should be an educational leader. They must have complete knowledge and mastery of the curriculum and program they should teach. They need to plan their lessons carefully. You need to combine all the content, activities, materials, etc. needed to plan an ideal lesson. They should be aware of modern teaching methods and techniques in order to make their teaching more effective.

Another aspect of becoming an excellent teacher is to be a guide for your students. They advise and advise in all cases. They understand their psyche and solve their problems appropriately. They organize meetings to share their problems and find their best solutions. They have discussions about their professional advice and try to broaden their vision in terms of the area they should choose for them as a profession. They build their trust, even when they discuss their problems and problems. Students ask for their opinion in the event of a crisis and ask for appropriate solutions.

An excellent teacher works as a good manager. They manage their activities properly in the classroom. They maintain discipline in their class. Help students manage their notebooks. They manage class rules and ensure that students follow them. They monitor all activities well and decorate their classrooms well. Prepare and entrust your students for meeting presentations. They manage the participation of their students in all competitions and create a sense of competition between them.

One of the attributes of an excellent teacher is to be a mentor. They help students improve their effectiveness in a particular field, show them how to become experts in a profession, and teach them how to develop their skills. Supporting the teacher as a mentor helps students reach new horizons.

An excellent teacher is a builder of nations. Prepare your students for the future. They are trained to succeed in all areas of life. They work for their own personal care. They also build their character. They often communicate with their students' parents and keep them informed of the performance of their classroom. They try to engage parents in all decisions related to their children's progress.

Finally, an excellent teacher is an excellent coach. They invite their students to follow school rules. They ensure that all students participate in the lesson activities. Your students are trained to perform appropriate exercises at school. A teacher who wants to obtain excellent teacher status must include all of the above attributes in his personality. Only then can they rightly be described as commendable and excellent teachers.

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