What creates the climax of a story!

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The suspense is defined as the emotion you feel to find out what happened and what will happen next. The element of tension awakens the curiosity of readers and keeps them in the eyes of history. People by nature are eager to discover the hidden secrets of the unknown phenomenon that exists around them. Tension, suspense, mystery, and adventure seduce readers and maintain their interest in the novel or drama they read to the end.

The suspense really understands the factors that are the components of a melodrama. Therefore, it has its connections with horror, mystery, terror, and fear as well. All these elements go side by side in every piece of writing that can be called melodrama.

Several authors use different tools to create tension in their writings. It depends above all on your imagination and how you express your thoughts as a means of communication to your readers. In other words, each writer has his own style of creating suspense, based on the plot of his novel.

The first element of tension in a story is created by the introduction of a mysterious plot that complicates events for the main characters. The story begins with exciting events such as murder, kidnapping, robbery, accident, etc. They are involved in a series of unexpected events that raise many questions in the minds of readers and find answers to these questions and prefer to read the story in a single session.

The author gives many twists on the events that develop the action. Whenever readers are surprised by the sudden and unexpected change in events, this prompts them to follow the author's example to create tension. They are curious to see how the problems will be solved and how the different characters will achieve their goal. In Robert.F.'s "Heat Lightning" story. Cart, the tension is created in the same way that the girl who escapes from the killer identifies him only at the end. Readers read the story anxiously to find out who the killer is.

The second element is to specify the time factor. Most tense stories take place over a certain period of time, going to one night, two weeks, a vacation period, etc. takes a limited time for characters to achieve their goals before it's too late. It is an important tool used by writers to create tensions. It is the same technique that is used to take readers to the heights of the thrill of fear and adventure. It creates the climax of the story.

The third element is the attitude of history. Create a dangerous environment that brings enthusiasm and concern to the main characters. You must be entangled in the danger and fear of the enemy, usually a villain. Let them isolate the rest of the others. There must be a terrible encounter with the enemy. Does this bring up issues like What does the legend need to never really out of a horrible circumstance?

Thus, we can also develop a simple plot in a unique plot that makes readers in the story and maintains their interest.

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