Mountain High

5개월 전

Dramatic Beautiful Setting

Awe-inspiring Drakensberg, roughly translate to “dragon mountains” or “the mountains of dragons”, steep slopes down to the valley, rugged peaks that impress, I invite you to join me in showing you the spectacular mountain that keeps calling us back again and again.

Reflection... Canon EOS 500D _f_11 1/100 sec ISO-100 Focal length 18mm

Rugged peaks where eagles nest, swooping out to enjoy the thermals offered at high altitude. Average height of the range is 2900 metres with some incredible mountain passes that hikers, walkers and cycling adventures go up to enjoy regularly.

Rugged Cliffs. Canon EOS 500D _f_10 1/200 sec ISO-100 Focal length 55mm

Rise early to watch the sunrise coming up full face into the mountain face showing the hidden crevices, revealing a magical show as the sun creeps higher up slipping down the mountain side into the valleys below.

Golden Sunrise
Rugged Cliffs. Canon PowerShot SX730 HS _f_8 1/40 sec ISO-80 Focal length 14mm

Sandstone under early morning lighting is pure gold, well worth while being up early to watch the sunrise.

Sandstone Cliffs
Sandstone Golden Splendor. Canon PowerShot SX730 HS _f_8 1/20 sec ISO-80 Focal length 172mm

Each evening is different depending on the mood of the mountain and mother nature, between the two they able to remind humans just how insignificant we are.

Sunset mood. Canon PowerShot SX730 HS _f_8 1/320 sec ISO-80 Focal length 15mm

My entry to #PhotoFriday on @qurator

Thanks to @keithboone accepting #MountainMonday visit his blog and find more photography.
Edit: Apologies, only just noticed #mountainmonday is currently hosted by @bashadow

Thought for Today: One decade is long enough to change the looks of mountains and rivers. ~ African Proverb


Communities I Support: #qurator #steemitbloggers #teamsouthafrica #steembuilder

!steemitworldmap -29.8114 lat 29.3525 long Fairways Drakensberg Gardens D3SCR

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Ah! So beautiful indeed and lovely shots Lady Joan.
Whenever I look at those cliffs I can hear the bark of a male baboon!


They are always close up here barking and performing.

you really got a nice capture with that reflection of the dragons. That is a pretty neat looking range.

And that second one, man mountains are like clouds, I see a winking smiley face with a cat sitting on his head. Thanks for sharing such a nice mountain.


Great for walking and enjoying, hikers and climbers love the area for the challenges it presents. Faces and shapes in the rock formations are entertaining.


Sorry @bashadow visiting other gorgeous photography for #mountainmonday I realize you host this now, have added an edit into the post for my oversight.


That is not a problem, I just enjoyed having a place to easily find the pictures, Keith got pretty busy, and I am not, (at least not yet), so I thought I would try hosting. All that really means is I try to give a vote, a comment and a resteem. I do like seeing different places, places and areas that I would never get to visit or to see through other means. If you don't know about the Drakensberg nor ever heard it mentioned how do you find it? This is one of the things nice about steem blockchain.


Big bonus being on steem is visiting far off places, viewing life through the lens of members.


I really do enjoy the so called Backyard views I get to see. Just people out having fun taking a picture and sharing it on steem. When we had TV, (We gave it up about 10 years ago), we watched a lot of the Discovery Channel, the Science channel and CCTV. Shows that took us to different places in the world, but one issue I always had with them, was the staged look of the views, the approved Views. With steem, it is just the Views that count, no need for them to be approved for release to the world of steem by some government body or motion picture authority.


Totally agree with that, staged photography costing a pretty penny, just yesterday I was taken to China to visit somewhere I would never see, photography showed the air pollution which is a great reminder as well as being an actual story of how the city looks.

Those are some really great captures. The crystal clear water is just mesmerizing!


Always a breeze up there, waited patiently for water to calm to get a couple of good photos @rem-steem

Great shots!


Thank so kind words @mctopherson

What amazing scenery and such rugged and yet still so beautiful mountains,I love that first shot with the water and reflections in the foreground


Had to wait some time for the breeze to still and ripples flatten out on the water for best reflection photography at the time.


It was so worth the wait :)

I need to visit a place like this.... I'll try to look out for something similar around my place just to try to relax from work and for my duties.

Thanks for sharing and greetings my friend.

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Well worth the effort getting away from city life @neuerko

Drakensberg is breathtaking!! (: What an apt name!

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Evokes lovely ideas about if there were dragons where they may live.

Wow, absolutely amazing photographs of mountains.
I really like this picture.


Mountains have so many moods, always nice to be up there @tussar11

LOL! A couple of those images remind me of where Walter White (Breaking Bad) buried his meth money.

Solid post.

Namaste, JaiChai


He sure did find landmarks that would not move, also enjoyed that show.

That's a very nice walk
Thank you for taking us with you :)


Thanks for joining in and enjoying @kaerpediem