What drink to choose at Christmas - Monday Missions entry

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What drink to choose at Christmas.


This publication is to guide, guide and teach the art responsible for good drinking, especially this Christmas.

I would recommend wine, wine is a party, and it was made for that, where the Lord multiplied the wine, asked for water and turned it into wine.

The main basic recommendations for choosing a good wine are the following, all this under my experience.

When one has little experience or begins to enter this world I always recommend with three grapes mainly, start with Merlot grapes in cases of reds, or Riesling in case of whites, because they are very easy to drink grapes, fruit trees that are going to make Nice for someone who starts in this world.

Then we can go up the category, through a Marbec that is also very fruity, also go through a cabernet sauvignon without a barrel, or a young Spanish Tempranillo, that type of wine is to start in the case of red wines, in the case of whites a Riesling, a Sauvignon blanc, which are very easy to drink wines, very pleasant to the palate, and at that time grow world.

It is important to clarify the temperature of consumption of these drinks, where it has become customary to say that red wines at room temperatures, and cold reds; but that was in France, where in France the average temperature is 16, 15 Degrees, it must be taken to the taste of diner and period, next I leave some reference temperatures.


But between taste, the colors of the rainbow, we can establish a rule, that the best wine is the one you like, that simple, and another, the best for the occasion, depending on the occasion you should look for the wine for that occasion, if You are celebrating a Christmas where you meet again with your family and friends that you did not see in a long time you have to celebrate it with a good wine.

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