The Daily Qurator #665 | Qurator's Treasure Hunt #3


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Welcome to Qurator's Third Treasure Hunt!

Source: Pixabay

The game is simple. We will give you a list of stuff you have to find and take a pic of in order to win some Q tokens.

The 3rd week of Qurator's Treasure Hunt is here! You have to make a post with all the treasures objects in this list. You need to post photos and you have to hold a piece of paper with your steemit name and "Qurator's Treasure Hunt Week 3" written on it for us to be sure you took the photo. It can be an object, an animal, a reaction or emotion. Only the best 3 posts will get 5 Q tokens each. You have to add the tags "qurator" and "qtreasurehunt" to the post. You will have until next Sunday to make the post and the winners will be announced on next Monday in Discord. There will be a special bonus of 5 Qtokens for the most creative post. So make sure to be creative and have fun with those photos!

The "treasures" you will hunt this week are:

S - Salt
T - Taxi
E - Eleven
E - Excitement
M - Mailbox
I - Ink
T - Ticket

Good luck everyone and have fun!

Winners of the 2nd treasure hunt: @nikv | @sczed |

Click on their name to view their entries


Welcome to the 665th Daily Edition of the Daily Qurator. Below you will find some awesome members of @qurator that worked hard to post some good quality content for all you awesome Steemians to enjoy!

Your Quality Curator ~( @goldendawne )~ Presents:


Leumang: A Well-Known Dessert From Lameu

Here I come with another traditional dessert of Aceh, Indonesia. It is called Leumang, this dessert was commonly sold during the occasional daysand it has been known as a favorite dessert in this cafe (warung). In this place, leumang is served as daily dessert for costumers. I used to go to this cafe "warung" and my first choice was Leumang while the drink I'd rather pick the egg tea

Doesn't this dessert just look so decadent! @abduhawab explains bamboo is filled with rice, coconut milk and so much more to create this tantalizing treat!


Running And Walking Barefoot In The Rain By The Sea

I just finished a 5.681km running that lasted about 0hh:53mm:37ss
Running and walking barefoot in the rain by the sea
What a wonderful experience

Now this sounds to be a great day for @amico! Imagine taking off your shoes and just running down the beach, wet sand between your toes as the Heavens above rain down upon you. So invigorating!



The Flytrap is a very unique plant, it literally traps flies and other small insects and digests them. The plant itself looks cute and lovely, lushly green and delicate. This is the first time that I see them in real life inside a small shop in Hong Kong

I had always just assumed the flytrap was a noon-existent thing! But it is so REAL! Have you ever seen one before? Check out @sunray's post to see those nasty looking teeth!


Drone Life- Salt Marshes From A Drone- Part 1

This is the Stiffkey salt marshes. In crazy Norfolk talk Stiffkey is actually pronounced 'Stoo-key'. Ahh the funny folk of Norfolk. If this isn't something you've heard of before, have a look here at the lovably weird Norfolk slang.
I've written about Stiffkey a number of times now. It is my favourite place to fly

See the three reasons why this is the favorite place for @dronegraphica to fly around.


When The Tundra Calls

Gennadiy waited impatiently, hopping from leg to leg in the mud and throwing stones at the door of the makeshift bathroom.
Not far away, Drogol pointed to a litter of kittens wagging his tail, the snorting nose pressed between the mesh of the net surrounding one of the last houses before the forest. From his sharp eyes and outstretched ears, a curiosity shone halfway between the festive and the ferocious

Have you ever participated in the “Finish The Story Contest”? Well @tristancarax has and he's sharing the post here. Make sure to check it out!

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