The Daily Qurator #748

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Welcome to the 748th Daily Edition of the Daily Qurator. Below you will find some awesome members of @qurator that worked hard to post some good quality content for all you awesome Steemians to enjoy!

Your Quality Curator ~( @goldendawne )~ Presents:


Ulog: When Companies Make Promises

I have been struggling with my bills.
Not enough so that I need to power down.
Not enough to unstake all tribe earnings.
Not enough to stop dropping bits of $$$ in to the Blockchain.
But certainly enough to ignore my internet bill (especially because I was going to be out of my house for two weeks, and didn't mind empty house not having wifi)

What do you do when money is tight? DO you call some creditors to make payment arrangements? See what @metzli attempts to do; and then what happens in this post.


The Importance Of Support From All Parties To Support The Sustainability Of The Organization

Higher education as one of the means to organize Scouting Education requires many factors that can support the sustainability of the organization well. Some of these supporting factors include the interests and good quality of the head and lecturers, the active role of members of the organization, the active role of the Quartier Council and the Education Supervision Team and the active role of the community in this region

It is so true that people should support every level of education; and in this post @ponpase shares more about this logic. See what this “Scouting Education” is all about.


From The Fallen Trunk- Spanish Tribe

Dear friends, this week I have to @yasminlopez , my wife, the maintenance of the garden of a client of El Limón - Aragua - Venezuela and expressed a concern for the trunk of an immense mango tree that I had and did not find what to do so...

@oizaguirres shares how his wife saves this mango tree. With a few tools and a lot of hard work, see what she does to salvage this beautiful fruit tree.


Inktober Day 7 Enchanted- Sun Wukong

Monkey King, Sun Wukong, is a well-know mythological figure worldwide. He is a main character in the Chinese classical novel Journey to the West(西游记)and has a great effect on the following culture in Chinese and East Asia. Although he maybe have already been hundreds of years old, there is every single fashion highlight could be found on his dress, such as a leopard mini skirt, a pair of ankle boots, a piece of legging in red...

Ready to see how @kidsreturn created this drawing? Then stop on over!
From a blank sheet of paper to a wonderful sketch, @kidsreturn does a great job and has a fabulous creative imagination!


Computerized Axial Tomography- What Is It?

Computerized axial tomography or CT, also known as a scanner or CT (computed tomography), is a diagnostic test that, through the use of x-rays, allows radiographic images of the interior of the organism to be obtained in the form of transverse cuts or, if necessary, in the form of three-dimensional images

Chance are you've had a computerized axial tomography, but you know it as being a CT. See what medical professionals are looking for when they do this test.

@qurator does not explicitly or implicitly endorse third parties opinions or statements in the Daily Qurator. Any statements made in these posts are the author's and curator's own opinion.


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