One more reason to adopt this Christmas! - Monday Missions entry

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Do not buy, adopt!


I start by mentioning that dog poop infected 118 people in Florida with a treatment-resistant bacterium and sent them all to the hospital, causing fever, vomiting and bloody diarrhea. Souce

Obviously it is not Ebola but its resistance to antibiotics makes it very dangerous is called Campylobacter and is usually present in raw chicken or in food contaminated with chicken juices, but as we know it was dog poop and not chicken that made these people sick, Because it was discovered that almost all of these people had been in contact with a puppy, 29 of them were employees of a pet store, most of the cases were linked to a chain of pet stores called Pet Land, but also five other companies They were linked to the outbreak, but the alarming thing is that the bacteria found in puppies is resistant to antibiotics.

It is worrying because this bacterium is normally eliminated by the body without using antibiotics, but people with weak immune systems need the drugs to work, if they are not loaded by the bacteria; As this bacterium arrived at the puppies, they first looked at the food and found nothing, then they searched through their chips for the origin, where the puppies came from and found a breeder who had administered antibiotics preventively, how many times do they want to be I tell you, this irresponsible use of antibiotics is what will kill us all one day, mark my words.


People do not understand, from the moment someone feels a sore throat goes and crammed with antibiotics, without even knowing if what they have is viral or bacteria, until the indiscriminate use of antibiotics so that cattle do not get sick because the conditions that they have it are so precarious, that if they are not filled with antibiotics they will get sick, what we are doing are increasingly strong and resistant bacteria, and therefore difficult to fight; So this is one more reason for you not to buy animals in pet stores, understand if you want an animal to take care of it and keep you company because for that they are, they are not an accessory to discard it, adopt !!


Some shelters are full of animals that are looking for a home, because there are people who buy them to give as gifts or because they are beautiful and a month they don't want them anymore because they give a lot of “annoyance”, they really are not so, be aware and do not buy in stores pets and breeders; it is a horrible business where animals are exploited especially mothers who keep pregnant practically all their lives; It's horrible, think about this before setting foot from a pet store, I know, it's tempting, they're too pretty, they look from the outside, obviously to come and want to buy one, who can resist chinchillas or rabbits or kittens or puppies, but think that these animals that you see on the sideboard will be bought and most likely abandoned and there will be your opportunity to adopt one and give it the place it deserves, so you are not encouraging that breeders continue to profit from the exploitation of animals.


If you who are reading this post and have already bought your pet in no way, what you can do is give it a very good life, dedicate a lot of time, that is what it is for, to live with them, remember that their lives are shorter than us, so you better give a decent life and those who adopted their pets a round of applause for you.

What do you think is a good idea for this Christmas ...

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