Local Dish at “Kamayan sa Palaisdaan”

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Hello Steemitverse!

Today I will take you to one of the Quezon’s Best, the “Kamayan sa Palaisdaan”.



“Kamayan sa Palaisdaan” is a Local Restaurant nested near the foot of Mount Banahaw in Barangay Dapdap Tayabas, Quezon #Philippines. The farthest on the left side of the highway coming from Lucena City.
Also, there are two more branches known as the Kamayan Middle located in between Kamayan sa Palaisdaan Hotel and Restaurant, found as well along the highway of the same Barangay.



A place where you truly enjoy the nature, surrounded by greens and cold climate since it is near the mountain.



Dining in the floating cottages and nipa huts are the real catch of the restaurant, where you can see the fishes in the lake while having your meal. But most of all, the house specialty with local and authentic taste are really the best!

“Ensaladang Pako” or Fern Salad, freshly picked fern with sliced tomatoes, white onions, topped with salted egg and homemade vinaigrette paired with a cup of sardines in tomato sauce.
Maybe sounds odd with the sardines but this is amazingly delicious. I never missed a plate of this dish every time I visit this place.

Another local dish is “Pinangat na Gabi”, a wrapped vegetable dish made from taro leaves. Inside the taro leaves are chili, pork meat, dried fish, chopped ginger and lemon grass, salt and pepper. Cooked like a stew in coconut milk until tender and creamy. It tastes like curry, I can’t really explain the taste 😂 but it has a distinct savory flavor.

“Inihaw na Pla-pla / Tilapia”, these big grilled fish about a kilo was catch from its very own lake at the back part of the resto. Sure real for the sweet freshness that will boost your appetite.

And to complete our meal, let’s give it a try for these finger licking “Grilled Spareribs”. A 500gram tender sweet bbq spareribs cut into cubes was really mouthwatering.

And no one will refuse for a free pot of soup from ”Sinigang na Hipon”. 😋😋



All dishes are perfectly paired with hot white rice.
We had these few weeks ago with my parents and daughter on a Sunday lunch time.

By the way, “Kamayan sa Palaisdaan” means eating with your bare hands in the fishery. A literal description about the place and food.

Just some tips...
if you’re planning to visit the place. Weekends and Holidays are crowded, be there ahead of time at least an hour before your preferred meal time because the serving time will take 30-60mins since all foods are freshly cooked from the kitchen.

Or better make an advance reservation while you’re on the way going to the resto. They will make an adjustment to make sure that all your food are ready and still hot on the time of your arrival.

They are open from 9:00 AM to 2:00AM. Simply visit their website and facebook page for store hours because each branches has different operating hours, offers and promos.

Here’s the menu:


Each plated menu is good for 3-4 persons. Our bill only cost 1,020.00 Php about 20 Dollars. Yes! Unbelievable and unbeatable price!

So, what are you waiting for? Make some plans this weekend and visit the Quezon’s Best!

Photo taken by my Smartphone and enhanced with Lightroom CC Mobile App.
By the way, I’m also sharing this food blog for @qurator’s “Tasty Tuesday #95”.

Have a great day everyone!



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