The ONLY Objective Stoic Libertarian Crypto Evangelist Position On Black Lives Matter That Makes Any Logical Sense

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On Nov. 25., 2014, police Sgt. Bret Barnum hugs 12-year-old Devonte Hart after grand jury equittle of police Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Michael Brown in Portland, Oregon. (Johnny Nguyen, ABC News, 2014)

This Was His Comment

And this was my Response

From: The Alpha Wave Podcast

To: ​Deric Gregory

Deric Gregory,

I didn't want to comment, but the blind side of your statement is so blatant it is damn near a target with a bullseye. You clearly feel racial profiling fueled police brutality is propaganda.


Imagine we are 100% equal in every way, and race, gender, and religious differences have no impact on our lot in life. Social status is just the consequence of effort and random circumstance (birth). You are one of many human counterparts in a collective natural harmonious community of empathetic sharing individuals put on earth to support and nurture one another's organic individual growth through competition for SKRILL, which we use to fund the construction and maintenance of our reality (society).

BUT FROM TIME TO TIME, a disproportionate number of traumatizing irrational events are imposed upon me, but not on you. These events seem random but it is mathematically impossible for these events to be random because they are incentivized events, specifically designed to make it more difficult for me to acquire SKRILL. These events are of no fault to you personally. These events are forced on me because the overseer (officer) of our peace of mind and liberties to pursue SKRILL, in a safe encouraging environment, has been incentivized to imprison as many people as possible, by private prison owners who make SKRILL off prisoner labor. Since "many of those who work forces are the same who burned crosses," they naturally have an affinity to target the historic victims of those crosses burned. The problem is those overseers (officers) themselves are just puppets of the prison owner who leveraged all his SKRILL to manipulate legislation so there is greater incentive to imprison one group of SKRILL-LESS, taking away their voting rights making it impossible to ever reverse the legislation. Publicly available census data surprisingly reveals, 50% of the wealthiest people in America today are the children of the poorest people in America; the other 50% are the children of the wealthiest. This puts two inconvenient truths on display:

  1. The Rich and the Poor have the same mentality and motivations (eg. Jay-z sitting with Warren Buffet and Forbes, 50 Cent rewriting the 48 Laws of Power with Robert Green, Elon Musk living in a house shared with 10 people with his pregnant girlfriend while creating PayPal and surviving off nothing but Ramen with red pepper because he researched and found red pepper would prevent scurvy, Oprah growing up dirt poor in Mississippi now owning her OWN media company, and Marc Cuban jokingly attributing his billionaire status to having the insight to buy a years worth of toothpaste and toilet paper when it was on sale once); and

  2. The middle, lower-middle, and upper-middle class, have no economic mobility in America, largely attributed to their fear of descending lower than their station (SCARED MONEY DON'T MAKE NO MONEY). Those who escape the matrix are either at the bottom or the top of society, literally in the film "The Matrix" this was the reasoning the writers used for how one finds incentive to liberate their mind from the matrix. This is why in Zion, in the film "The Matrix" the population of Zion (the city where Matrix escapees and their children congregated) the majority were people of color. The creators literally said, "in order for one to escape the matrix, they first must question their surroundings, and we didn't think someone driving their Mercedes to a country club would likely question the integrity of their reality."

What if I told you race is a con and the prison owner doesn't believe in it beyond its ability to pit the overseer against the the prisoner, for the purpose of cheap labor? The prisoner is dirt cheap labor, but in the eyes of the prison owner, the overseer imprisoning the prisoner and keeping them imprisoned is cheap labor too. Both prisoner and overseer are just cheap labor to the prison owner. Both prisoner and overseer are incentivized by gatekeepers, the media, through constant propaganda to hate one another, which the prison owner pays gatekeepers to disseminate. The gatekeepers (of propaganda and truth) are paid more heavily in SKRILL than the overseer and the prisoner, but only enough to fear ever falling to the ranks of an overseer or prisoner, and they are never paid enough to escape the system to be a prison owner.

The reason a prison owner is equivalent to escaping the system is because when you own a dog, you take care of the dog and while the dog may be a part of your life you live your life independent of the dog. Meanwhile, the environment you have setup for the dog, including all its rules and boundaries, represents the dog's entire world. Even a dog can escape into the wild, but you can't teach an old dog new tricks, and there are many tricks unfamiliar to the dog required to survive in the wild (Bitcoin private key cold storage, encryption/decryption, coding Solidity or Corda smart contracts, hosting a website on IPFS , hunting, making a fire, basic medical knowledge, biohacking, self defense, cyber-security, etc...) because in the wild the same rules that apply to the prison owner apply to the dog and the prison owner has no jurisdiction or sovereignty over those natural laws, eliminating his power to isolate, misinform, manipulate Gatekeepers, Prisoners, and Overseers into forgetting that core natural law I stated at the start, "we are all 100% equal in every way."

Gatekeepers are paid handsomely in skrill because they keep the existence of the wild a secret while simultaneously reporting on its encroachment into the borders of the system (modern society) mastering the art of double speak (propaganda and truth) is a highly technical mental tightrope walk that requires simultaneous execution of blind obedience and conscious enlightenment. Prisoners are incentivized to remain prisoners for fear of death or mentally broken and controlled through trauma. Overseers are incentivized by fear of becoming prisoners and the belief they may one day become a prison owner.

And if you don't believe all of this is true, you are either a very "good" person (naive), not capable of imagining such a thing, fear a decline in status more than looking foolish, or you're blinded by the delusion of one day acquiring a new one-so-you strategically double speak in public to catch the ear of those empowered to grant it.

You might be surprised at how many people Bitcoin liberated to run free in the wilds of their destiny and not give a shit about any of this stuff anymore.
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I am crypto, but write where my mind goes.

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