Rada Quest (Trading Card Game) Newsletter for investors and Gamers - Week #11

2년 전

Hi radanians, princess, warriors, gamers and other disreputable dudes!

This week has been crazy! This newsletter has come out late due to the amount of work I have had to complete. The programming of the game, some practices with the programming of a bot for the discord server, new card and helping new inhabitants of Rada interested in investing. It is fortunate for me to count on the invaluable help of @wiriwiri and @arkmy to answer questions and help those who want to be part of the project.

The distribution of benefits that was made yesterday set a new record. Ok, I know, Only 2 weeks sharing profits, but far exceeds my best expectations. But I will tell you the news in order. We will start with the work done for the game Rada Quest.


Some designs

Part of the work of the week has been focused on the design of the UI and its elements. The game will have a section of constructions and obtaining resources and I can already show you the appearance of some of the main buildings

The Castle

The heart of our kingdom. From this building we control our level in the game and we will have access to the construction options.

The most important constructions to grow our kingdom and strengthen our cards will be those that produce the elementary resources: the farm, the quarry and the sawmill.

The FarmThe QuarryThe Sawmill
Here food is produced, essential to feed our population and our troops.Stone will also be necessary to build new buildings and level up existing ones.Wood, like stone, will help us build new buildings.


New Card for Rada Quest!

But we also had a new card for our deck. Ivonne, an extraordinary warrior capable of confronting the most brutal enemies with her divine hammer. I hope you like the illustration!


Created by Marcos DK (@marcosdk) for Rada Quest TCG


Profit sharing.

The benefits of the game come from the sale of illustrations, token sales and in-game purchases.
The game is still in development, so there are no sales. And only the Taruk token is available, so the benefits come only from the sale of TARUK and illustrations.

This has been the result of the week:

Weekly benefits: 2072.0010 STEEM + 731.1789 STEEMP
9108.07 TARUK staked by 47 investors
Will be payable 0.308 STEEM per TARUK staked
(STEEM: 0.247    STEEMP: 0.061)

Distribution among the top 20 investors:

@ecoinstant (461.653310) -> 370.880 STEEM + 90.773 STEEMP (1500.00 TARUK - 16.47%)
@quintaesencia (123.107549) -> 98.901 STEEM + 24.206 STEEMP (400.00 TARUK - 4.39%)
@wiriwiri (115.413327) -> 92.720 STEEM + 22.693 STEEMP (375.00 TARUK - 4.12%)
@thebluewin (110.845362) -> 89.050 STEEM + 21.795 STEEMP (360.16 TARUK - 3.95%)
@battlegames (100.024884) -> 80.357 STEEM + 19.668 STEEMP (325.00 TARUK - 3.57%)
@arkmy ( 74.984742) -> 60.241 STEEM + 14.744 STEEMP (243.64 TARUK - 2.67%)
@monster-one ( 65.634506) -> 52.729 STEEM + 12.905 STEEMP (213.26 TARUK - 2.34%)
@eddiespino ( 48.966604) -> 39.338 STEEM + 9.628 STEEMP (159.10 TARUK - 1.75%)
@photo-token ( 46.165331) -> 37.088 STEEM + 9.077 STEEMP (150.00 TARUK - 1.65%)
@abh12345 ( 46.165331) -> 37.088 STEEM + 9.077 STEEMP (150.00 TARUK - 1.65%)
@dkid14 ( 42.488404) -> 34.134 STEEM + 8.354 STEEMP (138.05 TARUK - 1.52%)
@xerllig ( 30.776970) -> 24.725 STEEM + 6.052 STEEMP (100.00 TARUK - 1.10%)
@lcrestrepo ( 30.776887) -> 24.725 STEEM + 6.052 STEEMP (100.00 TARUK - 1.10%)
@ecoinstar ( 30.776887) -> 24.725 STEEM + 6.052 STEEMP (100.00 TARUK - 1.10%)
@avellana ( 24.621510) -> 19.780 STEEM + 4.841 STEEMP (80.00 TARUK - 0.88%)
@mickvir ( 15.453463) -> 12.415 STEEM + 3.039 STEEMP (50.21 TARUK - 0.55%)
@marybellrg ( 11.155118) -> 8.962 STEEM + 2.193 STEEMP (36.25 TARUK - 0.40%)
@vxc ( 8.926068) -> 7.171 STEEM + 1.755 STEEMP (29.00 TARUK - 0.32%)
@sacra97 ( 5.349370) -> 4.298 STEEM + 1.052 STEEMP (17.38 TARUK - 0.19%)
@luisveco88 ( 2.135916) -> 1.716 STEEM + 0.420 STEEMP (6.94 TARUK - 0.08%)

Tanks a lot for your support!

How to buy TARUK token?

You can buy TARUK tokens in Steem-Engine market, but there are still tokens on offer on the official Rada Quest website. I put on sale 16,000 TARUK on offer. When all were sold, they can only be purchased from Steem-Engine at the market price (currently 1 TARUK = 1 STEEM)



Steem Proposal System

Support the Rada Quest TCG proyect for Steem Proposal System


Rada Quest
Discord 3DK Render


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I’m buying more.

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Thanks for your support!

Thanks for the regular updates, love seeing the progress!

I have made another purchase of 100 Taruk from the web for the project.

I like how it's going on!


Awesome investment so far!! I have bough 100 taruk today, people haven't realize yet that this is a golden mine!

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Thank you!

Man, that is impressive... I signed up a while ago.

Time to put some skin into the game!


Thank you for your support!

Esta publicación ha sido seleccionada para el reporte de Curación Diaria.

final de post.png¡¡¡Felicidades!!!


Muchas gracias!

I love how the project is getting to know, drop by drop, more generous promoters and drivers join to grow the taruk.

I don't know much about investors, but I think the project is attracting attention and attracting new investors. And I love that. That warrior is spectacular, I imagine the hours dedicated by her creator in every detail.

The oven must come over there where the swords and armor of these great brave bad or good ones are created are future forgers in a hot lathe

@radaquest @marcosdk

Me encanta como va conociéndose el proyecto, gota a gota se van uniendo más generosos promotores e impulsadores para hacer crecer el taruk



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@radaquest, That Castle 🏰 is giving effective impression about this game. Good luck with your development phase.

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