Cupz Latest Game, SteemConnect and Free Raffle Tickets

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Now with Steem Connect integration


Introducing our latest and fifth game, CUPZ raffle

It’s essentially exactly what it says it is! A grid of balls numbered 1-100, players select a game of their chosen Steem value and then can purchase as many numbered balls as they wish. The raffle is triggered to start when one of three criteria is met, each raffle will run for one hour, if over 40% of balls are chosen when the hour is up the raffle will be drawn, if fewer than 40% of balls have been selected the raffle will roll over until this target is hit. If all 100 balls are selected before the hour is up the raffle will be drawn immediately. One of the purchased balls will be selected using a provably fair random number generator, winner takes all minus commission. 500 CUPZ will be distributed per Steem spent as with our other games.

It’s a great opportunity for big wins with a small stake.

CUPZ are now the leading site for all your Steem gaming requirements, come and play and earn CUPZ!

Steem Connect now integrated

To get your free raffle ticket and win up to 9.5 Steem you need to re-steem and up-vote this post, play at least one game on cupz then let me know in our discord channel


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Upvoted and Resteemed..


Thanks, come to discord and let me know which number you want for your free raffle ticket

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Guess I did bet enough. Resteemed with pleasure!


Of course you did, let me know which number you want for the Raffle

Great addition @cupz Let the games begin. All the best through-out

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