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Raffle #12 produced 0.2734 which was more than #11 but we also had 40+ participates which was a lot more than #11 hense the payouts were similar each participant recieved 0.006sp.
The more the post produces the more participants we attract, which I do not have any problem with.
I just feel for the guys that have been participating from the beginning as the payouts should be considerably more than they are. You know who you guys are Thank you
I am going to randomly upvote the posts and have a closing time on them, so people cant enter once they know the payout
Note Warning!!!
Some posts may not recieve any upvotes from myself
Thank You to everyone that has taken part and thank you for your continued support

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You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

just feel for the guys that have been participating from the begining as the payouts should be considerably more than they are.
It should be beginning instead of begining.

Tanx i got 0.006steem from you

How do u calcutate what to send


I used maths lol
0.2743 divided over 43 participates


Just straight i thought you consider other things like voting power


No just keep it simple, I appreciate anyone that does upvote with a higher power most anyone has ever done is $0.01 in most cases they will get back more in sp than the vote is worth. I am just hoping people keep powering up so down the line the votes will be worth more therefore the raffles will be too. Currently i am delegating power to get a return but soon as i have enough to make the vote count i will get it all back and start upvoting the participants too

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Thanks i am gonna save it up for a little while to send a vote bot to increase payouts


Thank you. I would rather you keep powering up to increase your vote as I find the bots end up taking much as curation, so if you keep powering up in the long term will benefit you and the raffle


hmmm 🤔 sounds like a good plan to me ok powering up

Done bro

Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!