Do You Play Raid: Shadow Legends?


If you play Raid, are you in a clan? Well we have created the Killer Whales [KWLS] clan and Discord for the Raid pod on Whaleshares. We also have @m0ssa99 building some amazing things in there like tipping with WLS in the Discord server. You also get rewarded if you post any Raid oriented posts to the Raid pod on Whaleshares.

So even if you aren't active in the Discord, you can earn WLS by posting about your teams, advice, beginner tips, etc. and be a part of the clan that way.

Here is the post about the clan.

If you don't play Raid, you should check it out. I have been playing about a year now and it's really cool if you like RNG based, hero collection games. The artwork is phenomenal and best of all, you can play for free. Also, if you haven't seen, you can earn 6000 WLS by signing up through my link as mentioned in this post.

So what are you waiting for? Get in there and get your loot.

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