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2년 전


I have just completed my testing of 2.1.14 and it works just as promised. If I try to send some fracked CloudCoins that need change it takes 11 seconds. It I send someone perfect coins it takes 4 seconds. If we do not check fist to see if the ID coin is good, we could transfer in 2 seconds. Either way it is very good. I found about 4 bugs that need to be fixed and then we can release.


Today CloudCoin has successfully implemented a first-in-history digital "change" system. This allows us to have a discrete digital currency that uses different denominations efficiently. Suppose you are selling something for 245 CloudCoins but all I have is a 250 CloudCoin note? Not exact change. I can tell my CloudCoin wallet to send you 245 and the wallet will automatically go to a public change service (of your choice) and have the 250 broken down into smaller denominations. Then the wallet will send the 245. You will receive your money within four seconds. No logins or accounts required. I love it when the theoretical becomes real! It took us two years and four different methods to make it work but now it is done for works excellent! Your dedication and work has made this possible! We can all be proud to be part of this historically significant breakthrough. For me it is a wonderful birthday present!

cloudcoin-design 2 short.jpg

                                                   Sean Worthington
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