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Some people are concerned about getting involved with alternative currencies because of what the government might do. It frightens them.

On one level, they are right, but evolution has never been easy. I didn’t say revolution, I said evolution, because that’s what I believe is happening with cryptocurrencies and the new digital cloud currency called CloudCoin

So, are there legitimate concerns? Yes, there are, but the answer to people’s concerns about the conflicting central banking interests around the world, the Federal Reserve in the U.S. and totalitarian governmental attacks already exists, … and it exists in nature.

It’s called Mycelium,

Mycelium is the vegetative part of a fungus or fungus-like bacterial colony, (aka mushrooms) consisting of a mass of branching, thread-like strands or roots.

Mushrooms pop up or sprout out of Mycelium networks. Fungal colonies composed of mycelium are found in and on soil and many other substrates. A typical single spore, like a mushroom cannot grow by itself, but when it joins up with another through the mycelium it germinates and forms new mushrooms that pop up. Mycelium is like a dating network for mushrooms.

A mycelium may be minute, forming a colony that is too small to see, or may grow to span thousands of acres.

The mycelium is not just a nutrient network, it is also a communication network.

And it’s not just a communication network between different mushrooms, it also carries communications for other plants and trees too. It’s an intelligent network. One that provides a service and has value to the other vegetation.

How does this relate?

CloudCoin is building a network that spans not thousands of acres, but which spans the world. It is a world-wide network in the making.

The mycelium networks travel underground like a root system as well as under logs, etc. If you were to knock out a few, or even hundreds of mushrooms, more would pop up in different areas. You effectively cannot wipe out mushrooms, and you can’t wipe out CloudCoin

The RAIDA (Redundant Array of Independent Detection Agents) provides a world spanning network which delivers communication anywhere within seconds, and does it securely and free of charge.

It can grow where other networks can’t, and RAIDA cannot be taken down by any kind of natural or man-made catastrophes.

The network provides a secure communication channel (called RAIDA Data) and a channel for nutrients called CloudCoins.

If we concentrate on creating new groupings, like Sean has been doing, we are evolving a network that is virtually impossible to knock out.

We are not an organization who is asking for permission to live or exist. We are alive and we are growing.

Our root system, our tendrils, are already beginning to spread across the planet.

We must now do whatever else we can to help those small groups that are springing up around the world to grow and flourish.

The more we benefit small local community patches, the more we will grow. The economic secret is to provide more and more TRADE, and CloudCoin is the economic medium that allows free trade to take place.

Fluidity is essential. Technology has already been developed to make that possible and more will follow. Fluidity means that change can take place easily. It is not rigid or confined to a single path. With fluidity, the exchange process can take place quickly and efficiently. For example, a retail transaction taking only two seconds for a transaction to be transmitted, verified, sent back and the payment completed.

We are changing the world and we’re doing great at it.

The laws of nature are senior to the laws of man.

What I'm telling you is that so long as we continue to press forward, we cannot be overcome. I'm not saying that it will be a walk in the park. I do expect that we will be attacked, but I think that with what Sean and his team of programmers have created, and with our actions as a group that is dedicated to free trade, we can't lose.

There's a saying from the movie Jurassic Park "Nature will find a way."

We are a force of nature.

Sure, some will hit into difficulties, but they will find a way to handle the circumstances surrounding them. Not everyone is against us. For example, in the United States, the State of Arizona passed a bill to eliminate capital gains tax from the sale of gold and silver. That's a slap in the face to the Federal Reserve. Not all politicians are for sale.

There are powerful people who will support us. Some will do it quietly at first, but will do it because they believe in freedom and the dignity of man.

As a group of volunteers, we devote much of our time to helping the dream come through.

Read the article written by one of our group named, “How Freud and his Nephew Screwed America.” It doesn’t just apply to America. That article will illustrate the enormity of the problem and will hopefully shake you up, but will also illustrate what to watch out for and why we are the answer. Here’s what we’re about.


Тhe purpose of CloudCoin.

The purpose of having a currency like CloudCoin is simply to enhance free trade.

We believe that trade is simultaneously;

(a) the glue that binds peoples and nations together, and

(b) the lubricant that smooths out the frictions born out of the differences between them.

Where free trade prospers, wars cease.

Free trade acknowledges and rewards true value. It’s independent and outside of beliefs or political ideologies.

We therefore hold that the basic purpose of a true currency is simply, and only, its ability to quickly, safely and easily facilitate free trade anywhere in the world.

You can find out more about RAIDA and CloudCoin from the person sending you this article or at: www.CloudCoinGlobal.com

The CloudCoin Consortium


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