RainCheck ICO Review - Tokenized Loyalty Programs


RainCheck has been working on their idea since 2014. They are building a system for tokenizing loyalty programs, which makes a lot of sense because we all have plenty of different loyalty points.

We use some and some don't, but it would be really nice if there was an option to exchange those points to a real dollar value.

Not only that, but Raincheck is also working on a tracking system, which would be able to link online browsing influenced sales.

Right now, businesses have no concrete evidence of how effective is their website for bringing in offline sales. Raincheck system is going to provide this data to businesses that use it.

This could be a revolution in marketing and could bring new shifts in ad spend and most likely will create new marketing campaigns that can be extremely effective.

Raincheck will be using Stellar for launching its token. Stellar doesn't offer Turing completeness as Ethereum does, but it's perfect for a simple token that doesn't require difficult logic. Because of that, it can also provide faster and cheaper transactions that applications need.

Raincheck looks like a promising ICO. They have been working on this idea for a long time and launching a token makes sense here.

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