Did you ever felt like quiting Steemit?



Sometimes I am mad at Steemit

Mad about the bots

Mad about the people running and defending them

Mad about the people who only cry how awful everything here is

Mad about the people who are so successful here

Mad about the people who scream "When moon?"

With all this to be mad about I sometimes think about quiting. But then I realize in a way those are not my problems.

Of course reward pool and bot abuse etc is a problem of every Steemian. But my feed is nice and cosy full of pictures and stories I like to at least take a peak at.

I am forming my own little steemitreality.

What about you? Did you ever thought about moving on from our side full of madness?
What keeps you here?

PS Getting paid for writing nonsense like this....I had worse jobs ;-)

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I've definitely gotten discouraged before. Many times. And I've only been here for 8 months! The people bitching and complaining about the market; and their overall pessimistic outlooks on the future of the platform.. it's just too much sometimes. But like you said, you have to form your own little Steemit reality. I'm still working on that as I made a lot of mistakes when I first joined the platform.

I think with more people like us who are just here regardless, putting forward genuine content and riding the wave.. this place could become wonderful :)

Lol yes of course I did, when I started out I was clueless and 50 posts in and making no money and when I did it was less than 3 cents and would be stripped from me it was a slap in the face! But my own damn fault for not trying to learn how to use the platform properly, I stayed strong because I saw ordinary peeps working the system and asked them for advice! I eventually got a 20 dollar upvote and I was hooked ever since! That was 7 months ago and now im a minnow and I’m having so much fun on the site! Opening steemit up I’m guaranteed to see something new and exciting each day! Beats the hell out of any of the Shiite feeds I had on Facebook back when I still used it

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Thank you for being a member and supporter of the creativebot.
Enjoy your day and stay creative!
Keep Steeming on!! <3

Did I get frustrated, bored and angry? Yes I have. Did I ever feel like quitting? No, never.

For all the faults and frustrations that I've found on the site sonde I have joined I like to think that I have gotten a lot more out of it. The new thinks I've learned, the interests and the crypto that I've earned. The most frustrating part for me was the beginning when I didn't know how to use the site or how to earn anything. Posting to earn 2c is not that fun.

I'm a stubborn person at the best of times. So I saw that other people were earning and growing their sp. I knew it could be done so I pushed through. I looked at what others were doing and what I could do and pushed on. Now I have a place on here and don't feel frustrated anymore. I know how it works and what to do.

If we want to increase the userbase that would be my first place to look. 1 million users and 60k active. Obviously we have lost a lot along the way and my guess would be it was that starting point when people didn't know what to do.

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Yah, I have felt like quitting steemit for most of the things you have mentioned, but am still here because there is still something I like about steemit that I can't explain and also am still here because I don't want to leave and come back after a while and see the value of steemit 10times the value of what it is now.

Also am used to steemit, that is why I don't want to quit.

Man!!! There are just many reasons why I don't want to quit steemit😄.

I've never really considered leaving Steemit. I really enjoy being on the site. I've not been on any others, but this does seem like a special place to hang out. The people have always been great to me, and I have many good friends I've met on here. It seems like a different sort of vibe from what I have seen elsewhere.
I love having a place to put out writings that just used to sit in the computer and languish in nothingness. Now, there is a reason to write and put things out to the public. Not so much for money, though that is nice, of course, but to have folks actually (maybe) read what you spend time on, and possibly appreciate it, is a nice feeling. Thanks for the food for thought. Have a nice night.

Took a break for a month when i went on holiday. Much needed as i was getting a little tired by all the chaos and drama before that. Yeah, i've definitely had worse jobs so no major complaints.

There is a niche group for every person here on steemit to feel happy.

When moon?! Jk haha... Steem is just better than the other social media platforms so I’m here for the long haul 😀

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You are the best!

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i really think that every few days because steemit is not like before now its now just about pushing with no fun at all i miss old days :(

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

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Steemit will always be my first love but they have made some serious errors in how the last HF was launched. I will always post some stuff here but I am spreading my wings into niche blockchain sites and it feels like steemit use to feel.