Today we lick our wounds

7개월 전

I was pretty bummed out when I read @surfermarly is leaving steem

To find the reasons for her leaving you have to look through the comments of her last post and read a bit between the lines.

And I invite you to do that yourself

Why I am bummed out if I did not follow her content this closely?

I was happy to have her on Team Steem. An inspiration for many especially if you were interested in the blogging aspect of Steem.

Am I surprised?

Not really there were a couple of foreshadowing posts.
Also more and more Steempower is not used to curate with make it less attractive to post here from a money perspective.

Can you imagine Pewdiepie using voting bots so he can reach trending?

Is this a big deal?

For sure it is. One of the most known Steemians is leaving who has been here since 2016. Built up a huge network and I assume quite a lot of friendships as well.

There is some kind of social pressure here to stay around (at least I have that feeling) and with the powerdown function you are staying around for at least 13 weeks.

That someone is willing to "throw that away" is saying quite a bit. Especially if you have seen way lower prices and still kept going, so the argument she will be back if the price recovers is no argument in this case.


@exyle mentioned it a couple of times in his vlogs.

Steem will not be "only" a blogging platform but furthermore a platform were people build dapps on a fast and cheap blockchain.

But who really knows what we will be in a couple of years? Maybe communities will be out and proven to be the game changer many are hoping for? Maybe SMTs? Or maybe we will just be a memory? Maybe the Steempower is distributed more equal or everything is delegated to one super bot?


As I see it as a blogging platform we are hanging in the ropes at the moment with the development the last days Steem as a blockchain is at the best place it has ever been though.

Did you know that youtube started as a dating platform?

Look it up if you dont believe me. They changed their business model, they changed how they rated videos and they changed a lot overall. Did this make people upset? Probably. But to pivot seems often necessary to survive and after that thrive.

Even if you look at the evolution of Bitcoin it changed? From being the darknets gardeners favorite to what we trying to figure out what it is today. But we know it is not the currency you should choose if you want to buy something anonymous..

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Thanks for the sweet mention, @flipstar!

I'm deeply impressed by the wave of feedback I have been receiving on my post so far. I kept it pretty short in order to not make a big thing out of it, but apparently the complete opposite happend now :-)

As mentioned in my reply on @abh12345's comment: to me that was a gut decision. I'm just not excited about this anymore, and creating content has become very uninspiring since the level of engagement has been decreasing dramatically. Everything seems to be automated, there is no social thrill anymore, no "oh-my-God-a-whale-voted-for-my-post-heartattacks".

I never said that in public, but I literally shed a tear when @thejohalfiles voted my "hey-i-just-bought-a-piece-of-land-with-Steem-announcement" to the trending page. The video is only 45 seconds long, and I surely would've double checked on my hair styling if I had known that this would become my most visible post ever, haha

Maybe I'm going to write a book about all those anecdotes one day, who knows :-)

Again, thanks for the nice shoutout, that was a very sweet move!

· left your mark here so dont be too surprised it is turning into a bigger thing.

You have been here way longer than me but I remember as well how it was getting my first bigger vote and when glitterfart voted me into trending once I took all my friends out for dinner.

The only bot I remember was randowhale and it had not a big impact.

I ve noticed a decrease of my try hard this time I get a whale vote writtings and nowadays it does not really matter what I post anymore...

I hope you find the adventures you are looking for and wish you all the best and tip my head what you have done for steem and achieved here.

No one content creator is irreplaceable the site will continue on as normal. People can quit or take a break, it doesn't really matter I don't know why there always has to be this big hype about people quitting. You don't go im quitting facebook, you just close your account lol.

This place was a blogging platform as a proof of concept but it won't be one forever, it has to adapt, add new function, new ways of earning and distributing currency that's not just blogging and author based.

I don't really know where this project is going but im happy to stick it out and have fun until we moon or the wheels fall off, either way its going to be one crazy ride


Now I am down too much and if steem would moon I am probably too greedy to cash out, so the odds are good I am with you till the end on this ride.

I actually dont remember when there was "drama" when someone left. I remember Jerry benfield and most were happy when he packed his things.

I think we are in the middle of the adaptive phase and of course not everyone likes it. We shall see where we will end up

I don’t know @surfermarly as I haven’t had any interaction with her, but I definitely have seen her in the spotlight here on Steemit many times. When a devoted follower like her leaves, it does make me worried, because I don’t think it is a monetary reason, but simply as he says, Steemit has lost that magic that it used to have. I used to spend a lot of time on some posts in the past, even hours, and when posting it was a thrill because posts back then could get recognized and get a nice upvote. These days I could pretty much write a novel and post it and I will have the same post reward at the end of the day as if I posted a picture of my buttocks.

The content value discovery has to somehow be solved, otherwise this will never become a success social network.


I totally agree with you and sometimes I dont even know why I should try anymore. As you said the result is the same if I post the dinner from yesterday or write the best article ever the results are close.

Actually I had a lot of engagment on the school article but that was something else.

I think the interest is going away from only being for bloggers to be for...not sure really :-)

But the lack of inspiration is like a disease spreading on this chain


Like you said, you tube started as a dating app, so any kind of transformation is possible and I’m still hopeful

Although it is a loss to see people leave.. there is also something to be said about natural progression... it is hard to continue to create content, and there are many days when I tire of it as well. It is better to go out with integrity and honour and good memories, rather than to turn your account into a reward farming one!

... but YouTube was a dating site... what !!!!! I have to look that up!


yeah you are right and I find myself pretty often making some sort of farming post...dont love it but...have no real defense


We all have done it... we can't all write 5000 word monster reviews every day... so, some posts will be shorter... but some have made the short short short post into an artform!

Man this was hella sad to read. @sufermarly was actually one the first post i've ever clicked on and read. I believe it was her Rep 60 celebratory post, and I told her how I couldn't wait to get to her lvl!

Steemit was really fun back then, but I think this is the worst time to leave with all of the development thats happening.

Way more projects out performing us right now, but I think we'll have our time to shine


I am sure we will.

Yes, Steemit changed over the 2 years I have been here quite a bit.

I mean it looks the same and works the same but the feeling is very different.

Steem has been good to Marly, and she has certainly done her bit in the past. I respect her decision, but the question is, does this leave the door open for another positive, energetic content creator to fill the gap?

And if not, why not? The answer to this question likely to be part of her reasons for leaving.


I respect her decision, but the question is, does this leave the door open for another positive, energetic content creator to fill the gap?

Lol, recently, I actually see more gaps than energetic content creators! ;-)


For sure. I'm struggling a bit with motivation but there are still a few people plowing through and keeping their standards up. tarazkp and meesterboom are two :)


It was mutual love at first sight, I'd say. But the third year is always the hardest, so we came to the conclusion that it is better to break up and still be friends :-)

I'm a very emotional person who listens carefully to her feelings and instinct. If something doesn't kick me over a longer time, I need to move on. Same happens to sports for instance.

I'm an adrenaline seeker, and the competion we had here on Steem back in 2016/early 2017 really got me into it. The thrill of not knowing if a specific piece of content was going to be celebrated or destroyed by the audience, was my daily boost. I wanted to become the very best version of myself, and that got me where I am today.

Now that you can buy votes and attention and repuation and all that stuff, the game has totally lost its attraction to me.

So if you want to fill that specific gap, you need to kill the automation and replace it for human interaction, gamification and chance.

Have fun, guys 😘


Right. I understand. If you were here in 2016/early 2017 then I can see why the charm has gone. I also remember receiving my first and second huge vote out of nowhere and yeah, totally made my week.

That's gone now, and the general direction is that of vote selling and little care for what our potential new users see first. I am eternally hopeful that this can change, and I guess I am currently betting my STEEM on it that it does.

Best wishes to you, I'm sure i'll see you around somewhere sometime :)

· pretty much said it all

To me, I guess she is not leaving steemit fully. In some few times, she will surely be back


actually I doubt that

I was pretty surprised to see her leave as well...also I'm surprised how big of a "boom" it caused...I also wasn't really following all her articles but if was nice to sometimes pop-in her profile a see she's going all out on life :)


same here. I think a reason for the big boom is, that she was here for so long and such an active member for steem on and off chain

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