Bottled Water.

3년 전

How the fuck can anyone justify paying for a bottle of water?
Have you seen the effects on the environment?
Does that "Smart" water actually make you smarter?
Do you enjoy paying up to 1000x times the price of the product you're consuming?
Are those BPA's leeching from that bottle tasty?


Mmmmm....filtered tap water in a fancy bottle....yum!

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You can't take a tap with you everywhere, so there was always be a need to buy bottled water.

And besides, whilst there is harmful shit in many bottled waters, there is ten times more of it in tap water, and not everyone can afford a proper filter. But affording a bottle of water is a lot more possible for most.


Thank you for the reply! You do raise some good points while in specific situations. How do you feel about white collar folk in an office sipping on their Smart Water when they do have access to clean tap or even filtered water?


I think that the filtered water that comes out of a water dispenser is just bottled water that came out of a larger bottle.

I don't like to see the corporations getting rich from water, which should be available to everyone for free. But, I don't think we should pass judgement on those who decide to buy bottled water because they believe it to be better for their health.