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I'm just going to be posting #randomthoughts as I have them. I'm not a writer and don't care to write a scientific journal entry or rant longer than Gone With the Wind, so, I'm going to post what I think and have fun doing it. I hope some of you join me.

P.S. - If your post doesn't fit on a single screen, it's too damn long and likely being written just to earn a few Steem. Try having some fun, you might enjoy it.

To keep up with my regular rants, follow me at: @randomthoughts

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Good idea.

I can envision a really good cartoonist publishing exclusively on Steemit daily.

Imagine The Far Side on Steemit!

If readers had to come to Steemit to get their fix......Bingo!

@kus-knee (The Old Dog)


Yeah, unfortunately the site doesn't really support that type of content real well. The claim is that everyone wants to read a post the length of a novel, I don't believe it.


Yes and most potential users don't want to write long posts!

Have you checked out Busy? That is a start but we need another Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram type interface. More to come!

This is an intersting experiment that you are conducting. It might just work. You've got me curious and so to a certain extent it already is!


@kus-knee (The Old Dog)