Strange and very rare creatures can be seen

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Very unique, the living creatures in this world are created perfectly, and what if it is a star that is created with a very strange and but its existence is rarely invisible, and immediately we refer to the following reviews about the animals are strange and of course rare we can see and we meet.

  • Thorny devil.
    Is an animal this one is often called the Moloch or famous with the nickname of a mountain devil. And never found by Dr. John Gray and he named the name of the Canaanite deity (Molocj) who once sacrificed the children. And this animal can grow up to 8 inches and one animal that is not aggressive and has a unique ability to absorb water from the skin.

  • Oreo Dory.
    One of these aquatic species can be found in the new and Australian sea of Australia, usually living up to a depth of 4200 feet. And this animal lived for 100 years, and this age is great for a fish. This fish is a plankton and crustaceae.

  • Cassowary.
    It is a poultry animal that this one has a very lethal kick to protect from any kind of threat that haunts itself. And this animal also includes the third very large bird in the world. and do not get me wrong because this animal is a dangerous animal in the world and can kill people if they are feeling threatened.

  • Pangolin.
    Is one type of this reptile is also included in mammals and animals have three types, namely, tree type, land type and also giant. They can be seen he is africa which is his natural habitat. And when they are afraid and threatened they will roll up their bodies to survive. Then it must have often seen dong how the pangolin rolled his body.

  • Whorl tooth shark.
    Is this predator animal is already extinct because it is estimated to have lived about 250 million years ago. But the uniqueness of this animal that has a body up to 13 feet and lower teeth that very much like a chainsaw.

And that's the strange animals that exist in the world, and of course we rarely see because of the habitat and maybe also because they are extinct. And hope if we still meet him so as not to be disturbed and let because they also need to live and have the right to live in this world.

Thank you for seeing and reading and hopefully gaining experience and knowledge.



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