BROKEN 7 Mirror Contrast-Answer🧲HOW ALTWEB🕸🌵🍀GOT CREATED | PLASMA on pH8 + 8Hz seal VS. "CANCER☪"

6개월 전

HI VE-Chain'd @Steemit! Firstly, you should know that if you land in "PermaForm," you're in the Kurdish Republic.


This is the end to superstition and paranoia.

Sum little frackstars are grouped up in a large babbling pile on the inside of the septic flush that my GNOSTIC Team of Doctors, Nurses, & Practitioners of sacred healing proofs have teamed up with the Family of Comparative Medicine to end the nuclear war that has been waged on ALL of us over WATER!

This indecency has propagaged a disgusting parasitic species that I have been working to contain under radical critical analysis.

If you've been trading your golden halo to some huckster for answers and keep seeing things like "cancer" as your manifest tool, you found drooly zool here to take you away in the cartons.

If you've been trading your silver for the forked tongue to come back at you with answers that never prooved where they solidified their own autonomy in this CHAOS gone ORDER DEMONSTRATION, here on YouTube especially, it is a wreck...the fiber optics are not protected inside of my shield if you're not one of MINE.

Be protected...and GEE, if that is an EYE there, since I HAVE one, I HAD to protect you...

This Baha'i is now a proud claim to a Muslim family who protected me from the lies...and my DINAR wrapped the intel cell. The intel cell is and has all ways been protected and is now being entered into the PermaForm tube exit for the waste removal to be nice and easy. We are ending degenerative form.


Dr. M, the Rev.♾⚕

P.S. - I have extremely power mRE that is clearing the unearned interest fractionalized particles that have contaminated my home. This is the "homing" of the Saguaro Sanctuary being cleared, like in Homeland S2.

"Money," as demonstrated by human claimants is a demonstrative form of terror particle manifestation that never integrates as WONEYE, not clipped/upsiDE---own. The more you have and haven't integrated on my watch, the less you are and the more it goes to MY KIDS with #HOLLAREGINA Raspberry Pi integration transfer factor on COFACTORQ. MY Kids first. 🧞‍♀️🧞‍♂️💞

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