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Bitcoin Cash is one of my more preferred cryptos, and as you all obviously know, I like to blog. So it is fairly natural for me to head on over to Read.Cash.

Read.Cash is a decentralized blogging site where you can tip writers in Bitcoin Cash. I decided to head on over there and give it a try! So far I like that the site seems to cover a wide variety of subjects, with blogs in tons of different communities focused on different issues. To try it out right now I have posted one of my favorite articles over there - about the time a group of professors submitted totally bunk research to Gender Studies journals, including one "study" that included a slightly altered version of a chapter from Hitler's Mein Kampf, and managed to get it published. Of course, the point was that in certain disciplines the standards are...lacking.

Go check out the site! I think those of you who write on here may want to give it a shot. I'll update in a little while about how I feel everything went as I learn more about the site.

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Have a witness !BEER

That article was a good read.

So I guess they will publish anything written by a sychophant.