My Reading Log: Interesting Stuff From the Past Few Days (2018-09-04)

2년 전

I keep track of any posts on the Steem blockchain which I've found worth reading. Here's the stuff I've enjoyed over the last few days.


Happy reading!


🍵 Coffee 'N Sketch // 10 // Master Yoda
by @benja


"Hey Brosephs and Brositas!

''Do. Or do not. There is no try.''
Just like @veryspider requested, this time we got a StarWars character: Yoda.
I'm also in need of a new name for this series. Why? Well, I'm training for the next national Beatbox…"

✎#13 - Harry Potter // Drawing of a Slitherin Crest
by @benja


"Hey Steemians!
Yup, another character. Well, atleast something iconical from Harry Potter, as this ain't really a character.
Here is a crest of the Slitherin faction, requested by someone I know in person.

Thank you for checking out! 🙌

First Appearance Friday ~ BANE
by @blewitt


"This week’s First Appearance Friday is going to take a peek at one of Batman’s baddies. You may saw him snap Batman in half in the early 90’s...or have played against him in some of the Arkham games...or maybe you’ve seen him portrayed by Tom Hardy in…"

Realistic artwork, the making of Spiderman.
by @raghao


"Good evening dear @elegance community and friends. Friends today I am making another The Avengers teammate and this time friends it's the Spidy. Friends The Spiderman always attracts me as I am a big fan of this Superhero.

Original image from where this…"

Steam Play -or- How Linux got its game on
by @bflanagin


"Like many Linux users I had mixed feelings about Valve's new Steam Play initiative. It wasn't a new concept, take a game made for Windows and interpret the requests the game made for things like Video, Sound, Input and convert them to the Linux equivalent…"

Another Upcoming Middleton Beauty ~ Batgirl #27
by @blewitt


"Joshua Middleton keeps knocking it outta the park. This time with a beautiful rendition of a slightly older looking Batgirl in issue
I’m really digging his stuff as of late. I love…"

by @goodnode


An astronaut. Exploring an alien planet.
Old science-fiction movie was on the television recently.
Everyone wears tights. Colourful characters.
The helmets have changed in recent science fiction movies, but astronauts are still wearing bubbles.…"

World Of Warcraft: I Been Gold Farming
by @enjar


"Gold making is one of those things that just takes time to learn what to look for. You always have to be willing to adapting to the changing market conditions. Even more so once someone with an audience starts sharing about how they earn a truck ton of…"

Development of Goblin Tower 13k for Steem Monsters Game Jam
by @mys


"Although Goblin Tower 13k has already been submitted into Steem Monsters + Js13kGames jams, I would like to present how it was done from scratch. Project is maintained in spirit of free and open-source software. Anybody can look into the code and…"


Farmpunk Fiction Contest, the Second
by @blockurator


"Seventeen days ago, I introduced the first ever Farmpunk fiction contest. Specifically, the contest called for flash fiction stories within the nascent farmpunk genre. Eight days later, nine days ago for those of you that suck at math, the winner was…"


Thirst for Illegal Treasure. Gold Mining In Venezuela - Environmental Disaster.
by @highonthehog


"So let's assume we found the lost city of El Dorado, at least the one marked on the map of Bolivar State. Here is the next part of the story about the golden region of Venezuela.

The Venezuelan Gran Sabana is one of the most ancient places on Earth…"

Bizarre Natural Phenomena Vol. 68 - A Rainbow Fountain Of Hot Water (The Fly Geyser Of Nevada, USA)
by @ruth-girl


"Last day of summer today, Friday, and another miraculous spectacle is here to make it on the list of Bizarre Natural Phenomena around the world!
Some 60 years back (1961) on the private property of Fly Ranch in Nevada (USA), a geothermal power company was…"

by @lordneroo


"Hello everyone!
How are you doing today? Hope you enjoyed your summer to the fullest. A new (academic) year is about to begin; a year that looks promising and will bring many challenges. I like to call them chances. Chances to grow, learn and evolve.…"

My Overview Of The Math Boardgame Prime Climb
by @dkmathstats


"Hi there. In this post, I provide an overview of the math board game Prime Climb. I explain the game in the best way I can. If anything is wrong, refer to the references/resources section for the official rulings.

The Prime Climb game is…"

The Crumple that Saves
by @greenrun


"I hate travelling in a public transport via road in Nigeria. I know hate may be a strong word. But a tour of any of my nation's major roads may convince you that I may be right for using such a strong language- the carcasses of once upon a time vehicles…"

The Future Of Bionic Augmentations And How They Are Set To Actualized The Hybridization Of Machines And Humankind
by @samminator


"If you've been following up my blog-posts for sometime, you would have discovered that we have been dealing majorly on emerging technology. And no doubt; as the day passes, technology keeps getting advanced and sophisticated. Even in my last science post,…"

Journey To The Real Lost World. Illicit Trade Of Diamonds in Venezuela.
by @highonthehog


"Today I will detail the importance of the diamond resources in Venezuela, as well as the regions where these minerals occur and the current situation of the raw process according to the international and local regulations of the exploitation of…"

Biomimicry Inspirations: How does Color work in Nature?
by @yvesoler


"Welcome back to another episode of Biomimicry Inspirations.

Biomimicry Inspirations aims to bring you closer to the principles and biology of nature without getting lost in the science. This can be especially useful for biomimics, circular economists, circular…"

Hunting gravitational waves with Virgo and LIGO
by @lemouth


"In a few weeks from now, SteemSTEM and will meet close to Pisa, in Italy, to visit Virgo labs, one of the few places in the world tracking (and observing) gravitational waves …"

Big beautiful world

Travel Cheap: Paradise Valley
by @wayfare


"Want to get to paradise? You’ve got to head to Morocco.
This northwest African nation is home to camels, culture, and a climate that simply can’t be beat. Fortunately for you (and me, for that matter), it’s also home to the Dirham—this unit of monetary…"

Meeting the Rural Villages and Nomads in the Hills of East Turkey - The Story About the Travelling Band CASPIAN CARAVAN and the Journey Overland to India Part 9
by @frejafri


"Welcome again to the story about when I travelled overland to India with a band, funding all our expenses with music. A journey that took 1 year and 8 months, through 32 countries!"

Puglia - The Hidden Wonder Of Italy
by @doskinas


"Puglia an Italian region that is usually overlooked by the traditional tourist. Controlled during the long periods by many - Greeks, Italians, Hannibal, Ostrogoths, Byzantines, Spanish and French. Each bringing a piece of their culture to the region. It…"

Photography Essay of Maine - part 1
by @lightenup


"This is my first trip to Maine. I've been here three days and let me tell you something...I've eaten lobster on the banks of the St. George River, sautéed cod and shrimp at Cecil's house and filled my sweet tooth with Beth's homemade blueberry pie…"

Meet Native American Master Carver Jewell James ---> Southern Ute Tribe Totem Pole Dedication!!
by @eaglespirit


"Maybe you have seen a totem pole at some moment in your life, but have you ever wondered what is the significance of the totem pole and their existence here on Mother Earth? I know I have wondered but never really took the time to understand what the…"


Follow Friday #1; Norway Edition
by @valth


"The Follow Friday tradition here on the Steem blockchain is something that I have enjoyed reading, and I have even found a lot of new authors who I follow by seeing recommendations from other authors I like, but I have never gotten around to actually doing…"

I'm making a shitty RPG about Steem! Do you want to be a NPC? Details Inside!
by @holoz0r


"There are two things that I love. That is an immediate lie. There are three things that I love. The first is gaming. The second is writing. The third is comedy. All of these things have one thing in common. They tell a story. I want to use this post to…"

News & Updates on @steem-ua & UA-API!
by @steem-ua


"Wowzers! What a week it's been for UA, @steem-ua and UA-API! After publishing our Intro Post last Sunday, both the @steem-ua Discord Server as well as my own (@scipio) DM inbox became "pretty crowded", (which is kind of an understatement even)!

Knacksteem for investors and the talented


Aims and Objectives of Knacksteem.
Diversification of Economy through Media
Job creation
Skill promotion
Skill acquisition
Encourage Philanthropy/charity
Improve motivation, initiatives and innovations.
Massive Steem Adoption
Legit information…"

A first thought about improving curation
by @tcpolymath


"So, this is really early, as in I was just out on my walk and thinking about the curation algorithm being broken, and had an idea, and I want to write it down and get some feedback on it. I totally have not thought this through to proposal status yet,…"

Swapsteem - The problem domain and Solution
by @aneilpatel


"Today I had to convert 106 STEEM to fiat money. In order to do so, I used 2 exchanges (Bittrex and WazirX ) and 2 mediator Currencies ( BTC and USDT ) and waited for almost 2 hours for transaction confirmations to do so. Also, I paid as much as $5 in…"

Food and fermentation and... penises?

The Most Popular Fast Food in Belgium - Belgian Fries!!
by @daan


"First of all, apologies to any Belgians currently seeing these pictures, I know this must be a very hunger-inducing image for most, if not all of you.
Ask any Belgian person what the first thing is they do after coming back from vacation. The absolute…"

More wine making efforts
by @amberyooper


"Hello, steemians, and welcome to my page, eh!
9 days ago, I wrote a post about starting a batch of plum wine, this is a continuation post about the progress on that batch of wine. If you would like to read about how I started the batch of wine, you can…"

Harvesting 15kg of apples!
by @valth


"Autumn is soon here, which means the end of the gardening season. I have been writing a lot about it this year, since it was the first year that I was the person in charge of the vegetables, fruit and gardening in general, and up until this year I have…"

Homemade Tortilla Pie
by @verhp11


"Today I arrived at home and my wife asked me to cook, she got the ingredients for a tortilla pie. It's a pie with tortilla stuffing and wraps. A delicious meal. You need a pie-spring for it. @Bozz gave me the idea to put this on @Steemkitchen when I was…"

Blackberry Jam!
by @slobberchops


"A few weeks ago, @bingbabe did one of her many 10k runs but came back with a huge basket full of blackberries.
This fruit grows wild in England and is very common at this time of the year. Where the basket came from, I’m none the wiser.
The picture below…"

OMG! I fed my family dick soup for 3 years
by @mumma-monza


"The word dick may be written several times. Although I know there could be many other choices of words used for the bull's genitals but I feel penis just would not have the same impact as my stomach now feels knowing what I had been feeding my family for…"

So, what's all this then?

My goals here are to foster interaction on steem and provide visibility for good content.

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This is basically a UI issue; I've noted in my feed that some great accounts which resteem dozens of times a day tend to drown out other posts. Until there's a way to separate author-content from resteems in there general steem-verse (i.e. on Steemit), I don't like resteeming much.

Criteria and format

The only real criterion I have is that the article should be something I was happy to have read. Ideally, it would be recent enough to still be active for 3 to 4 days after I post. A few other other things:

  • There's no restriction on category, though I tend to read more STEM/nerdy stuff
  • The list is not exhaustive
  • If I left you off, it's not because I don't think your post was worth reading
  • I'm still figuring out how to arrange topics
  • Post order is like the point system on 'Whose Line Is It Anyway' - meaningless
  • If you're a prolific author, I might only list one post in full format, then mention others.
  • If I post your stuff a lot, I may leave you out from time to time to make room for others.
  • If time allows, I may provide commentary on posts, but right now I'm letting them stand on their own merits.
  • Artists! I'm trying to post your art in such a way that people can see enough of it to know if they want to follow the link. I definitely don't want to just repost your stuff in full resolution. Let me know what makes you happy.

Call to Action

I enjoyed compiling this list and you can do it, too. Even if your vote counts for nothing and you have 3 whole followers, start keeping track of what you actually liked reading and let the world know about it. I don't think there's a relevant tag yet, so let's go ahead and use #readinglog. If there is a better tag out there, let me know.

Remember, a community without interactions is just a bunch of people. Comment, vote, promote, even resteem!

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Thank you @effofex, both for the feature and the gift!! You got a cool compilation again! I spotted a few posts I want to check later ;)


You know one of my favorite things to read on here is that I helped someone find something cool - thanks for letting me know. As to the gift, that's all up to the random number generator.

Thanks for including me in your rollup. This is a great list!


I'm glad you like it. The idea of a farmpunk genre makes me smile whenever I think about it.

Wow! I am honored to be on your list. I read through your post religiously, and what a thrill it was to see my Biomimicry Inspirations included! Glad you liked it!!


It's a really neat idea and I'm happy to share it about.


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Idea and I'm happy
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