Reading with Grams Episode 21 Annie Was Warned


Fey and Miles Gram's reads in Episode 21 Annie was Warned by Jarrett J. Krosoczka. I am not the best out-loud reader but am making this series for my grand-babies and for any child that loves to have books read to them. I hope you enjoy and excuse any mistakes. If I catch them I will try to edit them out but I am human.

My busy season has started

Hence why I took a day I had free and recorded a bunch of these videos. Good thing I did because I was so busy yesterday I didn't even have time to write a few words and get this post up. But having these videos up on time and being constant in that is important for my grandbabies. It gives them something to hold on to and something they know will be constant. I have a free day this week and will be recording next months videos later this week. And since I am a photographer I am gonna start theming the backgrounds depending on what holidays are coming up.


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